ewww i saw a speedy

  1. with feet last weekend and almost threw up lol! omg it was the fugliest thing i've ever seen:throwup::throwup:
  2. Do you mean to say it was a fake? Just want to clarify...otherwise you might insult some Speedy owners!
  3. she said a speedy with feet, so yeah, a fake :tdown:
  4. You know what is funny? I just got back from the LV boutique in Soho, and I was looking at the Azur Speedy 30, and when I asked the SA if he has had people complain that it gets dirty, he said many people add feet to it! I thought that was weird, too - I assume NOT by LV, but by some tailor/bag maker?
  5. That is right ^^ we had a discussion about this in a thread a couple weeks ago. Many do add feet!
  6. I suppose people would alter the bag if they didn't care about the value or whether it still looked authentic. nHaving said that if, you don't want your bag to get dirty, don't put in on dirty surfaces, kwim? :okay:
  7. I'd never add feet to my speedy...I think it'd ruin it's appearance, but that's just me!
  8. I think the feet look ridiculous!
  9. I saw one a while ago with feet too :yucky: And it had pink patina :throwup:
  10. mmm I tought we where over with the "OMG I saw a fake" threads
  11. lol, did you really almost throw up? ;)
  12. I saw 2 fake monos on the train and a fake MC alma.... you see fakes all the time.... they'll always be around. :hrmm:
  13. lol yeah it was at a greek festival and i almost lost my dolmades lol
  14. I agree :yes:
  15. so did i... but whatev...