ewww gum!

  1. i got these new paul & joe flats... wore them out today only to see 2 chewed gum at the bottom of each of the soles at the end of the day. they have hardened... i tried scraping it against the cement pole outside but it won't all come out! instead now i think i scraped off part of the leather sole :sad:. help!
  2. there is a product you can buy at hardware stores (and some grocery stores) called "goof off". little yellow can with red writing. it should take the gum off.
  3. oh, no, I'm so sorry! I don't have any advice to offer, hope it comes off! :sad:
  4. That stinks! I personally think spitting gum out should be a finable offense. I hope you get the gum out. : /
  5. no!!sorry to hear it!in italy we have a specific product too....i think it's useless to tell you the name....
  6. It is in Singapore. (I think they cane you there for that.)
  7. I don't think it's a caning offense (I may be wrong) but it's a finable offense in Singapore. They do have a huge selection of mints though! :smile:
  8. If you wet a paper towel and rub it on the gum, you might be able to scrap it off.

    I once walked barefoot in the park and got gum on my foot without realizing it. I put on my shoe and the gum stuck to my shoe. Rubbing a wet paper towel on the gum got it out.
  9. goo off is a great idea!
  10. I've used nail polish remover..
  11. peanut butter. I know it's gross too, but, peanut butter with all that oil in it works like a charm :smile: And yea, there is something called goo off or something with an equally silly name that will help take it off. You can prolly get it at Target or Wal Mart or something :smile:
  12. yeah if you get gum in your hair penut butter get rid of it, it was acctually on tv the other day penut butter is the best thing for gum! so go for that