ewww ehangbagz

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  1. my friend got an audra off there. I told her they're fake icky.
  2. Maybe post this in the shopping section?
  3. Yeah - eHandbagz is really fake, and not even the well replicated kinds. Horrible *gack* :throwup:
  4. yeah at ehandbagz.com they are pretty crappy lol. I looked at the papillon and it had lining in it lol
  5. :roflmfao: When will they ever learn?
  6. they won't but they won't have to because people who dont' know any better will keep on buying..therefore keeping them in business :devil:
  7. I think you mentioned this before. I remember because I googled after your post. lol
  8. i always wondered where those fake green authenticity cards came from (i see them on ebay all the time)...
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