Ewww Britney refuses To Spit Out Gum Before Presenting At The Teen Choice Awards.

  1. Spears Refused to Get Rid of Gum :rolleyes:

    A heavily pregnant Britney Spears stunned fans at the Teen Choice Award
    Pop star Britney Spears angered organizers of the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday by refusing to get rid of her chewing gum before going onstage.
    The heavily pregnant singer made a special guest appearance in a pink baby-doll dress at the end of the show to introduce husband Kevin Federline's debut rap performance.
    Spears received widespread criticism in June, when she was interviewed by "Today" show host Matt Lauer wearing revealing clothing and chomping on gum throughout the interview.
    According to an awards show source, "We told her to spit out her gum, but she refused."

    [​IMG] AP / Phil McCarten
  2. She's the poster child for white trash-sorry if I offend anyone, but she needs to grow up.
  3. I agree with you Shelley. Her photoshoot for Harper's Bazaar proved that she is exactley what people should stay away from. White Trash isn't a good thing in any sense.
  4. i dont think its a big deal at all.. i dont think shes white trash at all, but i do think she was forced to grow up super quickly because of the time she started her career at. i love britney and i always will. theres no problem with chewing gum its not like she was singing.. big deal!
  5. ^^^Sorry, but gum chewing (& letting the whole world see your chomping) while presenting your "man" on national television is RIDICULOUS.
  6. I honestly think Britney became so called "white trash" after her breakup with justin. Before, she seemed somewhat decent, pretty, and kinda kept her class. Then after justin, her white trash side showed up, then hooking up with K-fed threw her over the edge of white trash!
  7. Talking at a huge event and presenting on national television in front of millions of people and chewing gum at the same time, is something only Britney could do, plus, see absolutely nothing wrong with it. mmmmm i wonder why ??? :whistle:
  8. ^^^^so Agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Like a cow chewing cud.. blah.
  10. I dont agree.Obviously she didnt see anything wrong with it,neither do I .She didnt hurt anyone,so leave her alone.
  11. It's just classless....as far as hurting anyone, no she didn't physically hurt anyone but she is hurting her own self image.

    Most people here will agree to that.
  12. Ooh, she must be "keepin' it real." She chewed gum all through the Matt Lauer interview as well. tacky.
  13. Exactly."her self image"If i was on tv,and wanted to chew gum,I would.I dont care who is watching,i would chew that gum all night.It wasnt that obvious.I think if she wanted to impress anyone,she has more than enough money to do it.
  14. her fall has been so far - she keeps on going and going - i feel for her
  15. I can tell by your attitude that Ms. Brit could never do any wrong in your eyes. It's not a matter of impressing anyone....IMO (in my opinion) it's just CLASSLESS. That's all. Her money was made by making an impression on people so don't bring that into the equation.

    Also, it WAS obvious. That's why we're here discussing it.

    She's the kind of person who would chew gum in church & I'm not. Most people will understand that analogy.