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  1. Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton's romance may be cooling. They were both at last night's AMAs but Paris spent last weekend partying with Britney Spears in Vegas. Hmmm....Do we sense a possible new player on 'The Simple Life?'
    More curious, Paris and Nicole were not seen hanging together backstage. Paris left early after presenting Jamie Foxx with his award. She sprinted backstage to hit the AMA celebrity freebie fest where she greeted Flavor Flav, promising to see him later on that night.:s [​IMG]
  2. I can't STAND Paris!!! I love Nicole and i thought she looked unbelievable last night!! It was a great outfit!!
  3. FLAVA FLAV :nuts:
  4. Isn't he the last person in Hollywood she hasn't slept with?
  5. probably is.. i would keep it that way if i was her.. pay someone, escort but not him!! YUCK!
  6. :nuts: :roflmfao: :yes:
  7. i can't stand both nicole and paris
  8. oh, i love paris...
    i used to hate her, but now i think that behind her "stupidness" she's actually smart... at least she made money and doing business unlike nicole...
    i also liked nicole, i think she's pretty, but people always seems to feel like they need to stand on one of them and not both...

  9. Totally agree!
  10. I wonder what name Flavor Flav would give Paris if she were on Flavor of Love?
  11. A good show would be Nicole, Lindsay and Paris on the next Flavor Flav "Love" show...LOL, they could compete for him...
  12. Nicole starting to look really gorgeous and classy
  13. Eh...
  14. they seem very odd together .. Brit come on from kevin to paris? :crybaby:

  15. :roflmfao: