Eww, what's up with the leather on the Be&D Brando and Stella bags?

  1. I got both of them from NM today, and I was so disappointed by the leather. It is so plasticky looking, especially on the Brando tote, they way it slouches because it is so big. They are both going back...The original price was like $995, but I don't think I'd want them for $99!:tdown:
  2. Oh my....looks like you may have gotten some "bad bags" cuz I've seen the Stella several times IRL and the leather was absolutely gorgeous - sturdy but still pliable leather that could really take a beating and last a long time.
    So sorry to hear of your disappointment!
  3. I don't know about Be&D, but I do know that Stella McCartney doesn't use real leather on her bags. I'm not sure if it's plastic, but it's supposed to be more enviromentally friendly...
  4. ^^ The poster isn't talking about a Stella McCartney bag. She is talking about the Be & D Stella bag. It is a smaller version of the Be & D Brando with longer handles.
    I am glad someone posted about these two bags. I often see them on sale, and I was tempted to snag one. If the leather looks and feels as badly as you say, I'll pass.
  5. Oops! Sorry about that! :shame:
  6. That is surprising to me. Every time I have ever touched a BE&D bag it has been amazingly soft.
  7. So sorry! Maybe it's only a problem with the color you got? I got a Botkier with pleather-like leather and later found out it was because of its metallic color.