eww gross! experience at dillards

  1. I really treated myself when I bought the gst and after much consideration, decided to save up for the matching wallet and buy a cheap but still looks ok wallet at dillards. (I almost bought a prada wallet for 200 at offsaks) When my grandmother and I went, I noticed some pretty colorful new purses in a case- when I asked about them, the SA said they are really expensive- 199! oh so rudely and slammed the case! My dear granny told her the C's on my shoulder were that times 8! I told the lady my situation and she had the nerve to tell to buy a fake chanel wallet to use in my GST just to "match"! EWW gross! Needless to say I did not buy anything from her! Can you imagine a fake inside m baby? Gross!
  2. Really good selling skills there:rolleyes: . I hate when people assume you wouldnt spend and are so lazy to do thier job.
  3. i have no idea what that SA was thinking when she was talking to you...
  4. omg...I would've called the manager on her. No manners at all!
  5. i went to macy's instead- although i am kinda still thinking about that prada but it's 200 towards the chanel classic-does it matter what's inside? (as long as it isn't that fake)
    - i mean a nice 40 dollar wallet for awhile?
  6. Ha! That's so funny. Nevermind her. As far as the wallet is concern, I think it'd look nice if both the bag & the wallet match - but, what the heck really. :shrugs:
  7. Wow. Some people should really not be allowed to speak to others.
  8. unless she runs a business for fake bags, she's stupid.
  9. I think you are better off saving for saving for the wallet you want. Then you'll be that much closer to being really happy! For now, get something cute since it's only going to be for a short time.
  10. Wow what an idiot! I would get the prada wallet from off Saks, i love off Saks! But any wallet that looks nice no matter how much will look lovely in your chanel purse!
  11. oh- the classic wallet- but another bag does sound great too!
  12. OMGosh! Having a fake wallet in a real Chanel is almost like being violated in every meaning of the word!
  13. redrobin - hehe, i read the thread too quickly thinking you wanted another bag. but I agree, a less expensive wallet is fine. Just because it's not a high end label doesn't mean it's not a great wallet! You'll still fetch comments for it being cute! besides, it'll distract you for awhile while you save away! :cutesy:
  14. lol
  15. Idiot at Dillards. Obviously that store lacks customer service training for employees.

    As for the wallet; get what YOU like, be it cheap or expensive. I carry a Longchamp and it will be YEARD before it EVER wears out. At that point, I'll buy a CHANEL. I'm not a "matching" kind of person when it comes to purse stuff, so it wouldn't bother me to carry different lines. But YOU need to be happy. So, either save up for what you want, or buy something much cheaper (but NO COPIES, lol) and put the money towards another CHANEL bag.