EWW! a krispy kreme cheeseburger?

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  1. Someone at work was sending that pic of the cheeseburgers around...egad my arteries harden up just looking at it!

    As far as who would eat that....well we thought maybe it's part of Michael Phelps' training diet, LOL!!
  2. I just showed this to my BF and asked him if he'd eat it. He said, "Yep."
  3. oh whoops! must have read it incorrectly. even more disgusting!

    haha, "blasphemy!" the two together kills me even more! i hate her sweet, warm, country act. call me cynical! :tup:
  4. I'm a vegetarian..and even if it were a veggie burger...that's just gross.
  5. i LOVE burgers and find myself at in-n-out at least once a week, and i admit i love donuts...but NOT together!!! i don't think i can eat a donut after eating a burger.

    i'm trying to figure out what this would taste like, but i'm feeling a bit sick just thinking about it.
  6. I saw that episode of The Boondocks. I had no idea this was real.
  7. I actually just gained 20 lbs. looking at that picture.
  8. Um, ex-squeeze me?!?!?!? BLEH!!!!!
  9. ITA. I love hamburgers too, but I rarely eat donuts. But to imagine the two of them together is just sickening.:tdown: