EWW! a krispy kreme cheeseburger?

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  1. Eww to the burger.

    The monster cookies sound good w/ the exception of raisins. I like adding oatmeal to basic cookie recipes, personally.
  2. I love hamburgers.

    I love Krispy Kremes.

    But please keep the two separate. That looks so disgustingly rich and gross. Yikes! This will go on my list of "foods I will never try". Right up there with "deep fried Coca Cola syrup" and "deep fried twinkies".
  3. does it come with an angioplasty?
  4. There was an episode of The Bookdocks called "The Itis" in which Robert Freeman creates a soul food restaurant whose specialty is "The Luther", a cheeseburger sandwiched inside Krispy Kreme donuts.

    I don't know if Google is taking a page from the show, or if this is an actual soul food recipe. Either way, I'd still try it, no matter how wrong the idea is!
  5. Barf -o- rama!! I wonder the calorie count is on this?
  6. This has been popular for awhile. We know as the "Luther Burger" down here. They say the late, great Vandross would enjoy these on occasion, but for all I know that's just a rumor.
  7. I kind of believe it. He had diabetes hence his stroke. He didn't take the best care of himself. I think he loved to eat. I worked for him for 6 months....quite the Diva but still a nice man.
  8. What'd You Rather?

    1) Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger

    2) Balut

    3) Starve

    I'll take Door Number Three, Bob!

  9. how do you even deep fry coke?? it seems complicated (and disgusting...). the twinkies sound really fatty but potentially good. i probably wouldn't try it, but if it had no calories and fat, perhaps :P
  10. omg shimma balut :throwup:

    i love me some krispy kreme and i love me some in n out, but not together thanks.
  11. hmmm....i'd try it
  12. any sandwich consisting of a donut i would avoid far away! it looks not good!

    edit: i looked at that picture. EWWW!
  13. Coca Cola SYRUP. Not regular Coca Cola. like the kind of concentrated syrup they use in fountain soda machines.
  14. Those look gross.

    But hating Paula Deen? Blasphemy! :P Even if you don't like her food you've gotta love her personality!