EWW! a krispy kreme cheeseburger?

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  1. So today i was reading Bryan Boy's blog as i do almost every day, and he had posted a picture of a KRISPY KREME cheeseburger? wtf?!? he said it was lunch at google's nyc cafeteria? what the heck! has anyone had this? or would anyone here try this?? i know i wouldn't! and i like exotic foods...this just seems icky!:throwup:

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  2. I never had it but I'm from sacramento, and a couple of years ago they had this at the state fair, it was called the krispy kreme chicken sandwich!! I remember going up to the booth they were selling them at and asking if thier was a typo or something. But yah I never tried it and i have no desire to either lol
  3. clogged arteries anyone?
  4. Just looking at that gave me a headache. I do remember an episode where Paula Deen made cheeseburgers and used glazed donuts for the buns.
  5. Barf!!!
  6. I love burgers BUT that is just :yucky: GROSS!..
  7. That does not look yummy at all! I imagine it would be like chewing on solidified oil.
  8. I just threw up in my mouth a little. :throwup:
  9. i'm all for trying new things but that looks kinda gross :shrugs:
  10. That looks absolutely putrid.

    I mean I am all for a Burger and doughnuts but not TOGETHER :wtf:

  11. ugh, don't get me started--- I absolutely hate paula deen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's so gross
  12. that is the most disgusting food I have ever saw!! goodness

    first class ticket to a heartattack and obesity is what that will get ya
  13. no thanks
  14. Ohhh I dunno, I'm a fan of salty and sweet together and I think I might actually like that kind of thing! It looks pretty tasty to me! XD
  15. I defended the krispy creme chicken sandwich but this I cannot defend, haha!

    I still say the krispy creme with chilcken would taste good!