ewan mcgregor has adopted a 4 yr old girl from mongolia

  1. last april, but he's being discreet and not showing of to media. he even threatened legal action if paparazzi attempt photographs of his daughters clara, esther and adopted girl jamiyan.

    now that's what i called a respectable star :p
  2. how can he sue someone that takes a photo?
    There'd be no paparazzi if they weren't allowed to do that!
  3. i think some starts done this. i remember reese also refused to have her kids photos on mags
  4. Well, technically you can't publicly show a photo of someone without their permission. For example, if you've ever seen the show "Cops" or others like it, some people will have their faces edited out. It's because they wouldn't give permission for their image to be shown on television.

    Not sure how paparazzi are allowed to publicly display celeb photos ~ maybe it's implied because of the nature of show business?
  5. I think its fabulous what he is doing. In a recent uk interview, he explained that he would never do a photo shoot with his family, as they have not asked to be famous, so it goes to show that you can arrange an adoption and give a baby a lovely life without the need for publicity. They are clearly a close family unit, and yes, I believe if your family has not opened itself up to publicity, they can legally stop pictures of their children from being published, they obviously cannot stop the papz chasing them and taking the pictures, but there is not much point if they cant sell the picture on ;)

    I think he is fantastic.
  6. chloe-babe, i also write this according to the interview he did for glamour UK. :p
    he's yummy... and the fact he said about his wife and that they've been married for 11 years and stll crazy about her is soooo sweet :love:
  7. yep, they sure seem like an adorable family :biggrin:
  8. i took a media/first amendment/publication law this semester and you cannot use a publicly-taken picture of a private person and use it for profit without the person signing a release (a 'bona fide newscast' is the legal exception here). if the private person happens to be in a picture with a public figure (a famous actor, for example) while they're in public and have no expectation of privacy, then the law gets a little murkier...the picture cannot be used in an advertisement, but if it's legitimate 'news-gathering' (and a judge would decide what that was), then i doubt that he can stop a photographer from photographing him and his family in public and selling the photographs to 'news' publications - the definition of news publications is obviously quite broad here.

    sure, he can sue, but i doubt he would win unless the pictures were taken in a place where a normal person would have an expectation of privacy (home, for example). maybe the laws are different in other countries.
  9. I agree :yes:
  10. I love Ewan but am surprised he is jumping on the latest celebtity craze to adopt babies from 3rd world countries. Not that I am questioning his motivation...but doesn't seem like it's suddenly the "in" thing to do among the Rich & Famous? Kind of like carrying around very tiny dogs was hot last year?
  11. Yep, I used to be a newspaper reporter and Amanda is correct.
  12. Love him!!! Good for him
  13. Yep, but he did this last year BEFORE alot of celebs decided to adopt AND tried to keep it quiet for 18 months!, AND refuses to talk about it, so he is hardly jumping on a bandwagon :confused1: . Similarly, Meg Ryan adopted a chinese baby recently, and she is not papped everywhere she goes.

    I know Madonna and Jolie/Pitt are hounded wherever they go, but it is possible as shown by the above (and Emma Thompson, who has sponsered a boy and he now lives with them) for families not to be in the spotlight every minute with their families. :yes:
  14. :yes: In photography it's called signing a model release. Technically you do need permission, but...
    Anyways, good for him!
  15. So does this mean that all the pictures on my fav celeb mags are used without their permission? I dont get it, if the stars get so aggitated with paparazzi why wont they just sue?