ew, my "friend" lied about her fake.

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  1. I ran into an old friend i hadn't seen in 3 years. We were chatting and then she asked me where was "that" place that had a cart of coach bags. I stopped her right there and said, "please don't...i guarantee they are fake, and it's so tackey". I then explained why fakes are bad, aside from the disgusting tackey factor.

    Then we got to talking LV. She said she only has one. I didn't push it further, as i didn't want to seem a snob.

    Later that day i went to her house, and i was just browsing in her closet and i saw her LV sitting on the floor on its side. I didn't even touch it. I knew it was fake. It was a theda...with feet. :sick: i didn't say anything to her, but...what, did she think i wouldn't know if i ever saw it? it's so gross.

    whatever. I just had to get it off my chest.
  2. Maybe she just wanted to save herself the embarrassment and just figured lying would be easier than admitting it.
  3. maybe.
  4. ITA esp. to someone she hadn't seen in years. Trying to put her best foot forward.
  5. She didn't say it's real and I think she knows that you can tell it's fake otherwise she would parade it around in front of you with pride. May be she has one real one that's why the fake one was on the floor.

    Now I just have to realize that unless PFers, some people out there don't really care much about their bags.It's not a big deal if theirs aren't real..it's just a bag.
  6. ^ Well said!
  7. Sorry, but you do come off as snobby. "She said she only has one"? You do realize that even if she did only have one real LV bag, that one bag costs more than what many people make in a week. You haven't seen your friend in three years and all you care about is that she has a fake Theda? I dislike fakes, but I could care less if my friend carries one because I understand that not everyone can afford, or nor may not want, to spend a thousand dollars on a purse.
  8. Yuck I hate fakes!! :sad:
  9. i have a friend that i grew up with. she has no fashion sense whatsoever. I thought it would be superficical of me to care but even now as adults..she has made so many weird bad choices that i feel her lack of any style reflects alot of her character. now i have told her we have nothing in common and it would be best to go our separate ways.

    hopefully you'll inspire your friend
  10. Perfectly said!

  11. I disagree. I don't think she sounded snobby at all, her friend probably said she only has one. Just like I would say, "I only have two." No big deal. Also where you said people may not want to spend a thousand dollars on a purse or care to have a real one, that's fine, but that does not and never will excuse a knockoff. Like I always say, "If you can't afford a Benz would you stick the symbol on a honda?"

    *stepping off my soapbox*
  12. yeah, the "only has one comment" was not meant the way you took it. we were talking about bags, she said "i only have one, and i'm so careful with it, blah blah blah" and i said "yeah, i only have two, etc etc" it wasn't like, omg, i can't believe she only has one.

    the fact was she was pretending in conversation it was real, and then when i saw it , it wasn't.

    that's all.
  13. Did you read what she said following the "she only has one" statement? She said, "I didn't push it further as I didn't want to seem like a snob." Perhaps she could clarify what she meant by "I didn't push it further" because together with what she said with the prior statment, it comes off as snobby.

    As for whether or not you condone fakes...well, I don't condone fakes on principal in terms of what is involved with creating them, but as for fashion tackiness, there are far worse things in this world about which one can be concerned. For example, I hate gigantic, gas-guzzling Hummers and think it is tacky to drive one around unless one lives in a rural area that requires an all-terrain vehicle. The amount of damage to the environment that one does tooling around in those vehicles is literally devastating, compared to the simple offense to my senses that some girl carrying a fake bag will make.
  14. I'm not too sure how the conversation went exactly, but I think your friend had to make a choice, either be judged and embarrassed or lie about the bag. From your original post about the conversation you said you stopped her and said fake bags were tacky. I think she was just backed into a corner. IMO.
  15. Okay, now that you have clarified what you meant, I get it.:flowers: Sorry, "Aunt Flo," if you catch my meaning, is making me extra sensitive and cranky.

    As for your friend pretending that her bag was real, I feel sorry that she feels the need to fake it. Maybe you can politely suggest that she could get a vintage or pre-owned authentic bag for a reasonable price? I have a friend who makes BANK, I mean BANK, but she will carry a fake bag around. She also won't hesitate about telling someone that her bag is fake. I asked her about a Kate Spade bag she was carrying, and she straight out told me she bought it off of the street when she was on a business trip because she needed a bag. Perhaps because she was an accountant (she is a CFO now), she won't spend more than x-amount of money on a purse. While I value her honesty, I sometimes wonder why she just doesn't buy the real thing, she makes so much money, any purchase under a thousand won't kill her.