Ew! Help with yellow toenails!

  1. Ive been using a lot of nailpolish on my toes in the last couple of months and today I noticed they were looking yellow! I always use a base coat and before I put on new polish I give my toes a little break. Does anyone know what Im doing wrong or what I can do to get them healthy again?
  2. Oh girl, you and me both. Mine are so disgusting that I can't NOT wear nail polish on them!!! I'd love an answer to that question!
  3. I thought I read in a magazine to put lemon juice on a cotton ball and rub in to your toenails???? A friend swears by using bleach on a cotton ball--but I hate bleach so I would never do this. Maybe call a beauty supply store and see if they have a product to get rid of this????
    The most important thing to do is use a good base coat-this protects the nails.
    Good luck.
  4. Mine arent that bad but they are starting to get a yellow tint which is not very attractive. I definitely dont want it to get worse! I have never heard of lemon juice but I will try it! Maybe it is my basecoat. I bought it 4 weeks ago so maybe its the brand?
  5. There's a special type of nail polish that's supposed to whiten your nails. I am not sure what it is called now... something like diamond nails? I can ask my friend and come back with an answer...
  6. my mom uses a home made teeth whitener hat consist of baking soda and lemon.. i wonder if u rub/brush it into ur toe nail if it would work.. but i dont have yellow toe nails.. but my finger nails are slightly changing colors.. (yuck!)
  7. It is probably from wearing dark polish a lot. I have a couple of colors from MAC (Jungle Fever and Supastar) that turned my nails on fingers and toes over the summer. They are metallic based colors that had a holographic effect to them. I gave away the colors because although they looked nice on, it wasn't worth it having my nails stay a funky stained color. I had to wait for my nails to grow out for the yellow to go away. I still have a little left on the tips. I used a nail buffer to help with removing the "stain".

    Anyway, as far as if the nail polish isn't the culprit, you might have nail fungus. If they start to turn brown, I would go to a doctor to get them checked out. Try applying Tee Tree oil and see if it helps too.
  8. Im 99.9% sure I dont have toenail fungus! And the darkest shade Ive worn is hot pink. Bambie: Id love it so much if you could find out the name! It sounds perfect.
  9. sephora makes a de-yellowing nail serum.
    i don't know how well it works though, but they're 6 bucks each at sephora.com
  10. Your nails can also turn color if you leave the polish on for too long, regardless of the color. It's a good idea to let your toes "breathe" for at least a day between pedicures. It will also help if you sometimes wear really light colors.
  11. Lemon juice definately works. I use it on my fingernails all the time.
  12. Sorry OP, I dont have any suggestions.

    But OT-I wouldnt mind knowing exactly how your Mom makes her home made teeth whitener and if it works??
  13. No problem, the product is called "nail whitener" and is made by French company Yves Rocher. I don't know where I got "diamond nails" from :roflmfao:
  14. my dad is a podiatrist, so i know a bit about toenails (gross, i know). anyway, that sounds like fungus, which you should treat w/something from the drugstore or doctor.
  15. Thanks everyone! I think Ill try the lemon juice and the nail whitener from Yves Rocher. Hopefully my toenails will be back to normal in a few weeks.