Evora or Verona MM Owners?!?! Need some help! Pros cons..

  1. Ok so im debating between these two beautiful bags. Ive saved an saved since i got my Delightful GM in Aug. an Now have surpasses my verona savings (which was origionally a DA Artsy) now im debating if i should just go for Evora. I love the Pleats an hardware an Detail of Verona PLUS the clochette and feet...
    Evora is nice in detail also and has the alcantara lining but no feet :sad: (i love bags with feet)
    If i get verona i can prolly get a new DE pocheete also. Any help or input from Evora and Verona Owners!!
  2. I used to own both bags and now I only own one which is the Evora. Love the Verona but just loved the Evora more. So I gave her up to fund the Evora.. Verona is more structured than the Evora.
  3. Verona MM is a more structured bag than Evora, IMO. Used my Verona today and I can stuff a lot in there including iPad and magazine. I was at Saks looking in the Gucci section( sorry!) and the SA said she loved the bag and that it was really pretty. I can be a little heavy when loaded up but not too bad at all. Have you tried them both on?
  4. No i havent. I do like alil structure (use a base shaped in my NF GM:smile:) an i love my tivoli pm an verona reminds me alot of tivoli but would like alil room hence why i am going for a MM. But also love Evora an the zipper detail in front :smile: wanted a DE i can dress up an Down an i feel i can do it with both of these bags. Only con i have is i wish evora had feet :sad: an i wish verona also had the alcantara lining LOL :girlsigh:
  5. How did both bags compare? which do you feel you can dress up more with?
  6. I have evora its so much better in dammer ebene
  7. I have been carrying my evora for the past few days- I vote for this bag above any other! It is just SOOOO incredibly beautiful. I stare at it..lol.

    It has the most beautiful shape, but it isn't hard and structured. It has gorgeous details all over the entire bag- from the lining to the vachetta sides to the large looped zipper pull- I just can't say enough about it, really one of my all time favorite bags, ever!
  8. Do you have the Azur or Ebene? I was thinking of Ebene. As much as i love my mono piece i worry about em alil in back of my head or atleast not till i see the damage after im change out my bag LOL
  9. Evora all the way!
  10. I love my Verona!!
  11. ^+1.......yeah!!
  12. I Adore my Verona MM !!!
  13. Any picsan pros an cons would be helpful:smile: trying to here everyones. Input:biggrin:
  14. Verona was my very first LV and I still love her. I bought the Evora and like most people loved her! The look was so gorgeous. But I found the bag to be too heavy. For that price, I wanted it to be perfect, and for me, it wasn't.
  15. Yeah at know that feeling for this price range i dont want to be disappointed either... An love both of these DE bags