Evora mm for work.....

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  1. Hi everyone- I have been searching some threads about this. I am debating on getting the evora mm for work. I need to be able to fit a 13 inch laptop and some files. The gm is too big on me (I am 5'3). I thought about the neverfull but a coworker has it and I want a zipper. I really love the damier.

    Some posts say it cannot fit a 13 in laptop and some do... I am a little confused. Those who use it for work, do you love it?? Can you take files ect. out of it easily?? I want a worry free bag and LV is perfect for that :biggrin: as I will also be doing some traveling with this bag.

    Any feedback is appreciated- Thanks!!
  2. it would be really tight
  3. That's what I was afraid of but I love the bag so much :sad: does anyone have other suggestions??
  4. The marylebone gm fit my MacBook Air.

    If I remember correctly, Only the Evora gm worked to fit it & zip. The Westminster was too small.

    Believe it or not, I was also able to fit the 13 air in my artsy!

  5. I use a backpack or separate computer tote for laptops, notebooks, etc. I never put "work" in my LV. I hate to put all that weight into my beautiful LV unless the company is subsidizing for my work bag.
  6. So I went I to LV yesterday with my new laptop and I had to turn it on an angle but it fit!! I have it on hold - do owners of the evora find it comfortable to carry when filled?? When I put my laptop in it still seemed comfortable....

    Those who use it for work, do you find it really comfortable? I want the perfect work bag :smile:

    I recently sold my givenchy antigona as I don't want another bag I have to baby. I figure LV holds up the best in terms of an everyday bag- Most leather bags start to show signs of wear rather quickly and I don't want to worry about scratches! Thoughts before I take the plunge??
  7. Totally agreed!
  8. Unfortunately files don't just slide right in and out of the bag. At first the interior pilled a lot do to the friction with the files. Now I just carry files in a separate bag with my laptop. It's tough because it's not a tote but I like to use it like one, but it does have its limitations. I wanted it so bad that I don't mind the minor adjustments. They are releasing the totally in DE this summer. If you can wait that long, that might be the ideal work bag!