Evora DE versus Totally DE for work

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  1. I am looking for your help in deciding if I should go for DE evora or DE totally for work. I carry few papers, no laptop. I have totally in Mono and love it. I have a NF MM Damier. I am looking for organization and the security of a zipper. Please help.
  2. The Evora is so pretty! Since you already have a Totally I would go for the Evora!
  3. +1
  4. Thank you! That helps! I was pretty sure it was the Evora and then Totally in DE came along and confused me!
  5. evora for sure!!!!!👍👍👍👍
  6. Evora
  7. Ooh, I LOVE the Evora! However, way outta my price range. So I'm saving for the Totally DE. But if I were you, :coolio:I'd get the Evora. ALWAYS get the Evora. :hbeat:
  8. Evora looks better for work, IMO.
  9. I'm going together the totally in de for work but if I could afford it at the moment I would get evora it's so pretty

  10. +2
  11. Eeerrr it seems like everyone is a big fan of evora.. But i am not. I admit the design is pretty, but for that price, i will buy empriente line. So i vote for totally DE. I know you have in mono, but totally DE is a great bag. The strap is much more comfy than NF DE. I love mine and use for work everyday since i bought it. :smile:
    Good luck on deciding.