1. I wonder if you guys ever heard of EVISU? My friend works in Pacific Coffee (More of a Starbucks here in Hong Kong) and guess what?! The place where she works, is the main office of EVISU. She said twice a week, EVISU throws away boxes of samples at the back door and she always take a look at those stuffs! It looks like brand new and very good at all! She got a lot of patches of EVISU and got an idea of making it as a handbag! Haha!
  2. I used to like Evisu around 5 years ago, I had some jeans and a handbag, not so much of a fan now though.
  3. I hate hate hate Evisu! It's what the wannabes wear. PUKE! sorry if this offends anyone.
  4. It was very trendy over here a few years ago but I never liked it, they use there logo's all over there clothes
  5. I like how bold their jeans are and that they stand out among all the TRs and 7s but that's probably only because in Canada no one carries Evisu.
  6. I'm not really a fan but since I'm going to get it for free because my friend is going to give one for my DH, it's a great deal after all! :biggrin: