Evilbay strikes again

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  1. Okay... I bought my lamore bella from eBay and its so cute and I'm very happy with it, but I decided I needed more of the print so I purchased a lamore bambinone. I love the print placement, so much I actually paid 20 dollars over retail :sad:

    Well I received it in the mail today and the leather looks pretty bad for a 'new never been used bag'. The leather is wrinkly all over, and on the bottom especially looks either dirty or scuffed (darkish looking splotches and streaks?) and there is a small crack in one place... Okay this is pretty irritating but I doubt they're going to take it back and I don't want to sell it to someone else like this (and I still like the print placement). What should I do? Is there anything that can clean off the dirty looking spots on the leather? Argh.
  2. sigh that just really stinks. Sounds like maybe it was a second? Do you mind saying who the seller was so the rest of us can avoid them?
  3. eBay is so risky sometimes.. :[ i would be super angry too if i paid good money for something of poor quality.. sorry for your experience :/
  4. It was lolak108 Yeah I bought one before that had a small scuff on a piece of the leather, but this one is much worse... It looked new besides the bottom, the qee still had plastic and the tags were on- maybe it just got messed up at the department store it was bought from, but they still should have specified that in the auction. I emailed the seller but I doubt they'll do anything about it... I'm hoping I can figure out a way to clean the leather?
  5. sorry to hear that happen to you...but some of the toki bags that i bought from evil bay had wrinkles in the leather part, but its not that bad..im just thinking that it was caused by storing or something heavy was on it?? Idk but yours sounds really bad :sad: ...
  6. Eeps. Yeah seriously, at least it was real. I lurked here for a while before I spent serious money on eBay. :smile:
  7. Oh man, that sucks major ass. If I wasn't happy with it, I would make the person take it back because it wasn't stated in their description that the bottom was effed up eh? That's like false advertisement eh?
  8. Yeah I emailed the seller... She seemed pretty sorry that the leather was like that, she said she bought it and the SAs said they had just put them out and that she didn't even look at the leather on the bottom because she was only paying attention to print placement... She said she wouldn't take a return but offered to give me back the twenty dollars I paid over retail. That makes me feel a lot better, I mean even though there are scuffs and stuff on the bottom I -do- really like the print placement and she didn't have to give me back any money at all so that helped out a little.

    I still wish I knew how to clean vachetta leather though. I'm scared to do anything to it because I'm afraid it will look worse! Any suggestions?