evilbay is the pits!

  1. i just got the inferno zucca in the mail today. boy, am i mad! it is nothing like it is supposed to be. the description of the bag is clearly not the condition it is supposed to be in either. i was mislead. paid over retail for a DIRTY bag.

    if you're on here--person who sold me the bag--i demand a refund. you lied to me. unless you want it known you are a bad seller you should make it right!
  2. If I were you, I would open an "item not as described" dispute with eBay as you were clearly decieved! That is awful that you were so obviously lied to.
    I definitly wouldnt just take it lying down, especially seeing as you paid over retail for a bag that was clearly used a lot. Good luck and I hope it gets sorted for you.

    I think this is a reason why shoptokidoki on LJ is so good, as everyone is a lot more trustworthy.
  3. I'm confused which one it could be. There are only 3 Inferno Zuccas in recent history on eBay. 2 were described as USED and the only new one was from Cozy-little-shop, and I know from lots of experience buying from them that they only sell new bags. Of the 2 USED ones, 1 of those already has positive feedback and the other one does describe "wear on the bottom of the bag".
  4. Wheres the auction number and pics of the bag you got??
  5. this recently happened to me too. I bought a "never used" bag that came to me filthy with a damaged Qee. The seller was a lying piece of crap too and sadly the situation was not resolved positively. eBay can stink!
  6. I agree with QueenLouis...there are only 3 in recent eBay history and though Cozy Little Shop charges over retail, their items are always NWT and never used condition.

    The other 2 are listed as used.:confused1:
  7. haha i almost won that bag!

    but whats wrong with it? i asked for additional pictures and the seller gave me like ten more. it looked ok to me :confused1:
  8. If that's the auction she's referring to, she paid $192 + shipping, and retail for a new Zucca is $184. :confused1:

    I agree, though...the listing does clearly say the bag is used. Get a Tide Pen and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and go to town. You have a highly coveted bag there, and I'm sure that if you don't want to take the time to clean it up, there are MANY ladies here who would be more than happy to take it off your hands. :graucho:

  9. I think she probably means $100 less than what the other ones on eBay are going for.
  10. i was just going to say that, i resqueted pictures and they sent plenty more, it really wasn't in horrible condition, the leather looked a little worn towards the bottom as well as a few small stains, but nothing too extreme.
  11. :confused1: Anything inferno you buy off of ebay is going to be over retail. But the bag can be cleaned, maybe you should ask for some money back if you were truly duped.
  12. hehe yes I did.. Cozy seller sold a NWT Inferno Zucca for $300.. And $200 for used isnt that bad compared to the ebay prices.. :yes:
  13. I'm still in shock over the $300 inferno zucca :wtf:
  14. Gotcha...I hadn't finished my first cup of coffee yet when I made that post. :push: