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  1. #1 Apr 16, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2014
    Decided to sell 3 LV items on ebay as we're in the process of moving house and I just don't use these items so thought I'd find them new homes.

    Listed them all and then discovered I'd incorrectly listed one item but as someone had already bid I had to end the item in order to relist. Went back after making corrections only to discover there's a sellers limit! So I ended a 2nd item thinking it would then let me relist the first but it didn't!

    I'm probably very stupid, however ebay said..you need 12 more sellers reviews to relist or wait 30 days.

    I don't often sell on eBay, I'm a bit peeved at having to wait seeing as it gets the most traffic. I feel bad about letting someone down who'd bid.

    Still I guess alls well that ends well and next time I'll check and recheck my item listing!
  2. Maybe try selling on Bonanza?
  3. It might be worth selling some small items beforehand. More positive selling reviews could help you sell your LV items more easily and possibly at a better price? Xx
  4. ^^ Agreed - this is what l had to do in order to start listing a few of my LV's

  5. Thanks for the tip! :smile:
  6. Edits count towards items listed for some reason. So if you list 2 items then go back and edit one, the revision then means the system counts that as a third item. So whatever seller limits are on your account have been reached.

    Also be careful ending listings early as ebay are now charging FVFs on such cancellations.
  7. Definitely post on bonanza. Items sell much slower there, but since you have to wait a month anyway, it can't hurt. Also you can import your seller feedback from ebay, so you don't have to start out as a bonanza seller without any feedback. I would also submit pics to Yoogis and fashionphile to see their offers for buyout or consignment. HTH!
  8. OP is based in the UK so offers from US based consignors may not be all that strong (based on exchange rate etc).
  9. There is no harm in submitting pics and seeing what the offers are. Just a suggestion, since it will be a month before ebay will be accessible, s/he is free to ignore it or look for local consignors. mmmmkay?
  10. Great advice here thank you! I have previously sold on Bonanza but like someone said it can take ages!
  11. You could also phone ebay - explain about the errors in the listings and see if they will reset your seller limits as a 'one off' for this month?

    As for consignment, of course, entirely up to you. I don't think either Yoogis or Fashionphile will pay to have your items shipped from the UK to USA so you'd have that expense to cover from "sale proceeds", you'd need to consider the value of the items you want to sell if posting to the US (Post Office will only insure up to £250 now) and couriers are ridiculously expensive, both companies would pay you in USD so you'd have to transfer your PP funds into GBP based on PP's lower than industry exchange rate.

    So depends how quickly you'd like to move your items but I think the best option might be to ring ebay and plead your case! :smile:

    Good Luck.
  12. Have any of you purchased from Bonanza? Is it a reliable site? Thanks!!