evil thoughts that may lead to a new bag !

  1. SOOO here is my deal...

    I am very lucky to have a wonderful family that is paying for me to live in oklahoma while im in school...but i had to take out a loan for law school (23 thousand a year plus books! EEK!) ....but the school gave me extra loan money to "live" off of.....i was originally going to turn it down, but then i thought about it.

    This is intrest free money, why dont i buy myself a purse and a few goodies hehe (must have the berkley, a speedy AND something else that i dont know what i want yet hehe) :smile: technically i will be paying it off when i become a lawyer right?

    Then i was going to take the rest of the money and invest it (my brothers good at playing the stock market *knock on wood*)

    as good of an idea as this sounds i feel evil for doing this!! ahhhh! like i have NEVER bought anything on credit! :sad: hehe secret, i really dont even have a credit card!!! soooooo should i feel guilty doing this? i guess i know i should...but i REALLY REALLY REALLY want a new bag after oogling ur goodies!! I know if i ask my mom to buy me one she will but i feel so bad asking her to because shes already paying for rent, bills, food and on and on and on! She can well afford it but this way i feel like ill be paying for my bag, u know what i mean?

    What do u guys think??? My noe is almost two months old and my mini speedy is almost a month old...I NEED MY FIX

    *picture me shaking like a drug addict!*

    hehe thanks!
  2. no one had any thoughts about this :sad:

    thanks :sad: i guess it wasnt interesting!! hehe sorry guys!
  3. hello :smile: u write funny lol. personally i try not to do this as it's similar to taking a loan except its interest free :p. the noe and mini speedy sounds great :yes:.
  4. hahaha thanks for replying! :smile: i know i shouldnt

    but i really really really want a new bag!! and i dont want to ask my mom for it!! shes done so much already! hehe :smile: ahhhh!!!!
  5. u are good that u are trying not to ask your mum for it :tup:. maybe just wait a few more days and see how the "addiction" goes :idea:.
  6. I can relate to your need for a fix --- lol --- this LV addiction is soooo bad. Why not compromise by getting just one bag instead of all those other additional goodies so you won't feel so guilty? That way you can enjoy the bag for a longer period. Good luck with your decision!!
  7. You have a great family that loves and supports you.Way to go on becoming a lawyer.I would just get one to give ya a fix for a little while,lol.We only live once so do what you feel if it doesn't hurt you financially go for it.
  8. Personally, I would not spend the money on a bag.
  9. If I were you, I'd maybe invest half of the money, either in the stock market or maybe a CD. Just give it a week, I'm sure the urge for a fix will start to fade! Good luck!
  10. I can understand how you feel, it is so addictive and you just want more. If I were you I'll only buy a small piece to keep me attention away at this moment and will save up others to make a big purchase in future~~ :drool:
  11. At this point in your life I would not use the money for a bag.
  12. I personally would not use LOAN money to buy a bag. The more loan you have, the more painful it is to pay it off later on.
    Not to mention if you're given another chance...you're more likely to do it again, thinking it's okay since you've done it once, why not twice...(unless you have tons of willpower!)
    Even if it's interest free, I still wouldn't do it. Buying luxury items using credit, if you cannot afford it immediately, is something that could turn into a bad habit later on...(I try hard to pay off my credit card every month)
    If your Noe is 2 months old, and your Mini Speedy is 1 month old, they're still really new.

    JMO. I'd personally decline the offer.
  13. I agree. Whether or not you can pay back the loan is not the problem. A LOAN means it's not YOUR money and therefore you should spend it on whatever the loan was given FOR (ie living, transportation, books, school...etc).
  14. hehe thanks guys!!! i know i know i shouldnt use it, but MAN i want new goodies haha!

    But i think im going to go ahead and do what i originally planned...i already have a CD and some stocks, so ill probably just add the extra loan money to that...because its a good chunk of money and in three years the amount of interest it could generate is massive...and i do not see a problem paying off my loans with the interest i make from teh stocks *knock on wood*, savings and my future job

    haha and pray that my bf gets into pharmacy school because that would just rock haha :smile:

    BUT thanks for all of ur thoughts!!!

    BTW, my bf just said he would get me something small and my mom said she will get me another purse for doing so well in summer classes in august hehehe wohooo!! :smile: i love my family!!!!!

    THANKS AGAIN FOR THE OPINIONS!!! hehe it was an internal dilemma that was like WAIT its "free" money hahaha yes QUOTES around the free ;) hehe
  15. im not sure about banks in the US but here in the UK i put my loan into a high interest savings acount (6%) which gets payed monthly and i use the interest to pay for LVs and stuff.