Evil Eye Jewelry- gallery

  1. Google middle eastern jewelry.. The evil eye is a popular theme
  2. Every time I'm in TJ Maxx, they have many sterling evil eye pieces.
  3. I was in Istanbul in Nov and they are everywhere. I only bought one small gold & enamel one for my little girl, but now I wish I had gotten a nice bracelet for myself.
  4. Here is mine that I got from Jennifer Miller jewelry. :love:
  5. So pretty! I love how it's sparkly, yet casual with the cord band.
  6. There is a featured one on HSN today! Comes in 4 colors and $39 for bracelet.
  7. I have many of those in gold and diamonds from Dubai and Istanbul. They often give them as presents in Istanbul when you buy some expensive things. We believe in evil eye and I have one on each hands, get many for my mom, cousins, everyone.

    The stores at the NYC diamond district have plenty of them too.
  8. The gold and diamond sound so nice! I want to get one some day if I ever get to travel there. I currently have the Pandora evil eye on my bracelet, and I have a few that are handmade glass beads that are pendants. I need to get a chain for them so I can actually start wearing them.
  9. Here is my evil´s eye that i always keep on me:smile:
  10. Where did you get yours? I love it!
  11. I have a 'hand of Fatma' blue pottery pendant, that my father bought me which is a similar symbol. Since he passed away I have it hanging up in my bedroom.

    I would love a green Crazy Pig, Cat's Eye, Lash Ring too (the 'human eyes' are a bit too real :-s). Both my cats have green eyes (as do I) and are brilliant guard-cats and I'm sure it would be doubly powerful, where ever I went :p.


    Not that I believe in any of that stuff LOL :rolleyes:
  12. The photos are from a different thread but these are my custom made evil eye and hand of
    Fatima (a.k.a Hamsa) bracelets. They are rose gold and custom made.
    Note this was before I had my forearm hair lasered and the close-ups don't look good!

  13. Ahhhh! I want all three of those bracelets now. What is the blue stone on the middle one? I love the clasp on it, too.
  14. hey vannarene, i got mine as a wedding present actually, to keep of "bad eyeys" :smile:) but it is from turkey