evil-bay copyright infringement

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  1. So I just sneaked a quick peak at what was being sold on auction and I was shocked at the number of ebayers who were stealing images from the HH website to use on their auction.

    I haven't actually seen who was holding those auctions, but I am posting this as a friendly reminder to any TPF-ers who might have auctions up (or who plan on putting bags on auction) that using those images without permission is illegal and you could be opening yourselves up to a lawsuit. :crybaby:
  2. Yeah? Did you report the auctions to e-Bay? Believe it or not, they DO take down auctions for such violations. There's a link toward the bottom of the auction page for "Report this item" or some such.

    You should check out the listings for all the major designers - and then check them out for authenticity - and then ... well, the mind boggles. You've got your work cut out for you.

    At least Hayden-Harnett hasn't had their items counterfeited yet.
  3. OMG, I noticed that too and it's pissing me off kuZ some sellers are posting HH photos ONLY. Just the other day, I requested additional photos of a bag for which only one HH photo was posted, and you know what I got? The rest of the photos from the HH website. I told the seller I have seen those photos many times and that I wanted to see photos of the bag I would be buying, but all she had were the photos from the HH site.
  4. It's sad, isn't it? But no, I'll leave that job to someone else with more time on their hands- my only concern is for any fellow Hotties who might be using copyrighted images unaware of the danger... Hotties/ TPFers take care of our own!:heart: Not to mention, we set the example...

    I will leave it to HH or the actual photographer to deal with ebay- and I hope they do. HH paid good money for those images, and if it were me, I'd be upset that someone else was using them to make money on the resale of one of their own bags.
  5. ITA! Besides the legal issue, without those actual photos, you can't even be sure they have the purse in question. Could be a scam...:cursing:
    As we see on a regular basis here on this forum- those of us who love our HH LOVE taking photos of our HH!:heart::heart::heart:
  6. bon, I just noticed that you've got a real interest in this sort of thing, being a photographer - I'll be it just drives you nuts. But don't you have to choose your battles? I know early 2007 HH went to a limit of x per customer when they have their big sales, because people were buying them up and reselling them on the 'bay ... but I imagine the task of monitoring their photos is too much ... So, then it becomes a trademark/copyright issue - and I wonder if we can report it to the 'bay, since it's not US being violated (oh, that sounds bad, but you know what I mean).

    I have been known to use a photo from HH more than once - but always include my own pics...

    I do appreciate the heads-up - . I'm glad you didn't take my initial response in the wrong way... and by the way, welcome to jennirane's sister? Am I correct?
  7. Absolutely- ITA! HH will have to choose their battles- and it is usually the photographer's responsibility anyway (unless their arrangement with HH included transfer of copyright). Being a photographer has, indeed, made me sensitive to the issue of copyright- but that wasn't what drove me nuts (LOL)- I went nuts WAY before I chose that career track!!!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    The reality is chances are small that the photographer will follow up on these cases of image appropriation- and that's ok. It isn't my battle to fight (I will live on to fight another day!:P) I'm happy to "meet" you, too IndiaInk! Your OMG closet is an absolute national treasure! Yes, I am jennirane's baby sis- and the person responsible for introducing her to HH by way of the gift of a coin purse:smile::yahoo:Yep... that's me... spreading the HH luv.:heart:
  8. :tup:I'm glad to have helped- I know lots of people have done this simply because they didn't know. I have seen so many creative photos on the HH forum- which do so much more to convey the feel/ lifestyle/ love of our bags than those static white background shots, anyway! I know you understand (I've seen some of your own photos!):heart: BTW- do you live out in the country? Seems like one of your shots showed a bag hanging from the porch (very cool idea!)... anyway- the surrounding area looked so beautiful and relaxing. I live in the concrete jungle... but I digress...