Evidence Sunglasses?

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  1. Does anyone know how much the LV Evidence Sunglasses go for? I don't see it on the website and I've never saw them in the store either.. I was curious how much they were for maybe a possible purchase soon!!! hehe let me knowwwwww!! ;)
  2. I believe $675
  3. In my country the are about $590 in the LV store. eBay want to believe that they are sold out, I sold mine with profit after I've worned it 1 summer..
  4. They're still available on the US website for $675 in black and white. You can search for "evidence" in the search box on the top right, or look for them under the men's sunglasses.

  5. I know! This drives me nuts. Why would anyone say that something is sold out when you can just go on the website and see for yourself? Of maybe the real question is why would anyone believe they are sold out when you can just go on the website and see for yourself....

    Sorry, that was off topic :P I just always wonder about that...