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  1. Great pics! The color looks stunning!
  2. I wouldn't hesitate to use this color as a daytime bag -- I am not one to spwitch bags every day anyway. I am however going to wait for the weather to get a bit cooler and use my summer color bags for a few more weeks!
  3. The chocolate crash is lovely. It looks great on you too!! :drool:
  4. the choco crash is such a rich, warm colour with so much depth. looks fab on as well!!!! :cutesy:
  5. It looks wonderful on you!
  6. That is a gorgeous leather! I love how it has a sheen but not too much bling; kind of a mid-way point for those of us (ahem, me) not quite ready for the "look at me" attention you'd get from plum crash. Great pics, pink! Thanks for posting them.
  7. OMG Pinkshoulders....I can't get over how gorgeous that bag is and that leather!
    What a wonderful choice you made..:drool:
  8. Just found this thread as I'm awaiting delivery of my Black Crash TME. Pink shoulders, is yours the Midi or the Regular size.

    This bag is a CLASSIC HIT!!!! Proportions are gorgeous! Can't wait to see mine!! Anyone else order one? Now they're coming in all the colors...
  9. Agree-really beautiful bag. Love the colour. Also question - how does it work in the crook or your arm or in your hand? I tend to like all three options - these plus over the shoulder
  10. I:heart::heart:lOVE IT
  11. wow--that is STUNNING!!! what a color, what a leather.....:love:
  12. That is so beautiful pinkshoulders! I was hesitating between the choco crash or the dark grey glossy TME. I picked the dark grey glossy. It's going to have to have a lot of wow factor to match your bag in gorgeousness. I'm glad you said you wouldn't hesitate to use it as a day bag because that is what made me decide on the grey bag. Now I will just have to get someting in choco crash!

    Is your bag the full size or the midi? I ordered the full size. It will hopefully be in tomorrow, so I will post photos too!

    Enjoy your bag!!
  13. congrats. that's a gorgeous looking bag and perfect on you
  14. Now I know, Pink Shoulders, why you are so pleased...as I just received my TME in black crash and am LOVING it. Isn't it just a wonderfully chic bag? Has your choco crash leather smooshed nicely?
  15. My black crash TME Midi does have the center zippered compartment...and it would have been better without it. So ladies, if you are ordering this bag, ask what it has inside.