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  1. YAY!!! Pictures!!! It looks fantastic! Does it have the dividers in the middle or is the inside pretty open? The color is very pretty. Thanks for posting pics.
  2. Oh my.. that style looks great! I would love to see some modeling pics as well, hint hint..it's like a re-vamped Love Me, but just different enough to stand on its own! Love it!
    Let me know how the round straps stay on the shoulders....I am curious...
  3. Gorgeous! I'd like to see inside pics of the bag. If there's no middle compartment, does it have the secret side compartment like the WTM?
  4. Oh, I love it. Is it very comfortable to wear? I'm a little wary of the rolled handles and mine still hasn't arrived.
  5. The inside is one open space, not with the divided middle like the Love Me. Yes, there is the 'secret side compartment,' which I did not even realize at first until I wondered why that seam was in the lining!

    The rolled handles seem very comfortable. They are definitely easier to hold in the hand than the thicker LM straps. I have only been toting it around the house unfilled, but the handles are nicely squishy, not hard leather. Huh, I bet they get even better quickly, given my experience with BE leathers.

    It also appears that the outside cinching will be a matter of preference for use, like the LM. Most of the time I don't cinch, but it appears pretty either way.

    This is definitely another hit for Jackie's design sense. And the finishing on the construction is impeccable. It seriously looks like it should cost a lot more.

    I promise to try some modeling shots tomorrow~
  6. ^^^ Thank you so much - and thanks for pics..it's very beautiful :smile:
  7. I :heart: it!!!
  8. That is just divine. I love the colour - rich but subtle.

    PS digital SLRs are great but too bulky to carry around for fun.
  9. Congrats, Congrats!!! :tup:
  10. Very very pretty bag. Congratulations. Glad you are so happy with it :smile:
  11. Gorgeous Bag!
  12. So, So Pretty, pinkshoulders! Thanks for posting your pics...I can imagine that the choco crash is hard to photograph...that just means we have to buy one for ourselves LOL! :graucho:

    Interesting about the rolled handles. I always thought these would be slightly less comfortable, but that's probably because the rolled handles I have held have been on lesser quality bags. It's good to know these are comfy!
  13. Contratulations...
    We are eagerly awaiting modelling pics now!
  14. Here's a chocolate crash in the sunshine and one on my shoulder.

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  15. ooooo... pinkshoulders that's beautiful. How do you feel about the chocolate crash colour for day use? I'm still thinking about a choco crash hold me...