Everytime I go to Coach....

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  1. my wishlist grows! It always happens and it is surprising only because I already know everything that's out and coming out before I even step foot into the store.

    Yesterday I went to use my PCE on the apple keyfob and maybe something else small. Much as I'd have loved to leave with Carly, it's a bad time of year for me. So I grab the apple keyfob and start looking around. I find the Hampton's embossed red mini-skinny which is soooo cute with the apple so I grab that too.

    Of course now I want a red embossed wallet too:rolleyes: It never ends!
  2. I know the feeling! Your so not alone.
  3. ITA.

    I keep saying that I'm done putting the bulk of my bag money into Coach. I believe that. I'm at the point where I'm no longer buying "because I like it." Any new bag has to fill a hole in my collection.

    Yet every time I'm at a boutique I spy 3 or 4 other little things that I want, though. Scarves, wristlets, charms, etc.
  4. Same thing here! Yesterday morning I was at the store bright and early for PCE and I promised myself i would only buy ONE bag. I was literally in the store for an HOUR because I just couldnt decide! I drove my SA crazy :cutesy:Everything looks even better in person!
  5. There were 6 gold/khaki Carly's on Fri. & by Sat. afternoon there were none. I guess that bag & I are not meant to be!
  6. i know, it's so hard to just buy a couple of things every time i go in there. Even just looking through the catalogs I'm like "I want all of this!"
  7. SAME! I went the other day and thought I wouldn't see much I liked.. Then when I went I happened to see all this cute stuff.
  8. I'm right there with you... I intentionally scheduled my PCE shopping until AFTER I get my bonus this coming Friday (Saturday at 1 p.m....yeah, right at the wire).... there's too many things I want and I have to know how much I can blow! haha