everytime after i buy a bag i always say to myself, this is it, this is hte last one

  1. and i'm going to quit buying chanel as well as the forum for awhile, but then i find myself back here as usual, and wanting more chanels.
    so after i find my red med/large caviar classic flap i think i'm really gonna cal lit quits! and this time i'm gonna stick to it!!
  2. oh I know how you feel... I think the fact that everyone here is obssesed with chanel dus not help we are encouraging each toher to buy more :biggrin:! In a positive way of course but I find myself wanting more styles bags as soon as I hop onto the forums..btu i can't seem to get off the forum for some strange reason..
  3. i feel ya. my collection is getting ridiculous, and i mean ridiculous, what some people spend on a car. i hate returning, b/c not only does the sa get upset but then i regret later on when i see it on someone and it looks fabulous. i spend way too much $$$ on these bags.

    i think what fuels a lot of my impulse buying is the fact that a lot of the bags are limited in quantity so i can't always spread out my spending b/c the bags i want disappear so quickly (or at least that's what i'm lead to believe, :graucho:). I dont normally buy the classics btw, seasonal/limited items so its worse.

    I wish they would stop making such cute stuff so my wallet can take a breather.
  4. That's how I am also! Everytime after I make a purchase, I tell myself that no more this month, but I keep finding myself wanting something new!!! I need to join the ban!!
  5. moderation is key!

    I spend a ton of time here and still only have 3 Chanel bags, it CAN be done!
  6. i'm financially constrained to one bag every six months to a year... so i wait and gather information until the perfect one comes by.

    good luck on stopping though! maybe you should limit yourself? that way, you can still find and chase after your perfect chanel without going too crazy.
  7. i know! i have a thing w/ returning stuff as well, and because of the exclusivity of certain pieces, i'm reluctant to let go in fear of wanting it later on but then not being able to find one.
  8. i need some 1 on 1 coaching amanda, i've been out of control lately, and the prices of the pieces i'm getting keeps increasing as well.
  9. I hear ya but Swanky put it best .....moderation!
  10. plus feels so competitive if you don't buy it now wont be there later =.= you can't sit and think about things anymore..
  11. moderation is key.. but it is soo difficult to be disciplined :shrugs::shrugs: especially when they are abundant modelling pics on TPF.. these pictures ENABLE me :shame:
  12. I agree, but this time I'm serious! After I get my luxe metallic bowler and modern chain flap on friday, I am really on a purse ban!
  13. That's true, but try and keep in mind that even if you don't get an exclusive bag, something else, just as special, is going to come along and you are going to want it just as much. In fashion, there is always something to spend your money on! :yes:
  14. I spend quite some time here too, but have not bought any new Chanel bags because of tPF (thank goodness) :p Now shoes....that's a whole different story :shame:

    I quit Chanel for the last several years when it became so saturated. I joined tPF to check out other bags and shoes. Although I was inspired by Hermes and bought their leather Garden Twilly, but returned it.

    I like looking at all the beautiful bags posted though...and you ladies really rock them :yahoo:

    I guess it also helps that I am basically into classics. I look silly in anything else.
  15. Don't worry girl, you're not the only one who's saying that to yourself !