Everything's Bigger Now In U.S.A.

  1. In my lifetime, I've observed a steroid-like induced phenomenon of consumer goods and services...especially in the U.S.A.

    For example: automobiles (SUV's), food portions at restaurants,
    super box stores, houses, handbags, watches, the people, etc...

    I wonder when did big become necessarily better and if so why?
  2. i think a lot of it is our society's emphasis on the success of the individual - having something big is an obvious way to rate status, since the bigger version of something is almost always more expensive than the smaller version. almost all of us are raised as bargain shoppers, too, so getting an SUV for $35k may seem like you're getting a better deal to some than a small car for $35k - you're arguably getting more car for your money, since you're getting more square footage. the same goes with meals - why get something tiny for $15 when the restaurant down the street is offering twice as much for the same price?

    competition is such a big part of our capitalist lives that things can tend to spin out of control
  3. I've noticed peoples' egos and sense of entitlement has expanded as well. Perhaps there is a correlation?
  4. People need to remember bigger isn't always better!
  5. i noticed this when i went to canada everyone drove small cars. i even saw a smart car. it was tiny!! gas is also 4 dollars a gallon over there. so maybe when gas prices go up more the SUVs will disappear.

    i can't stand them!
  6. Great points. Capitalism and a free market society. Competition
    driving the market too.
  7. Sadly to say, I think there is a correlation.
  8. That's what the original American dream has turned into. And we call this progress. Bigger is better. Bigger car, bigger house, bigger paycheck, it's all we strive for. Years ago the American dream just meant that you had the CHOICE to do any job you wanted and the freedom to make your own money so that you could afford to house and clothe, and feed your family. If you had these three things covered --then you WERE rich!!! It's too bad America got away from that and into the whole bigger, better, more, more, more thing!
  9. Truer words were never spoken!
  10. I know, it is too bad. :sad:
  11. A friend of mine went to Italy recently and he was like we Americans are such pigs about everything. The fact the cars are small elsewhere and most people get around by using scooters.:blink: The stores are closed on Sunday and businesses shut down for lunch. As American that's weird to us. :amazed: I mean portion sizes in resturants are larger than life for example (Cheesecake Factory).:sick: We wonder why the middle is big. I feel blessed to live in America but I think we need to be re-programmed sometimes. Nah:yucky: forget that then I'd miss out on the Gucci Blondie bag again.:biggrin:
  12. That's true in that the Europeans' life does not revolve around the car compared to the States and they do drive smaller cars. They have scooters, smart cars, they walk a lot, buy fresh food from markets on their way home from work. They have more vacation time.
  13. Very good point here...more car, and more gas consumption....hmmmmmm
  14. In Paris, we can't possibly drive those huge things, so we NEVER see them...you have to park eventually! And, there is the gas consumption issue. Yes, gas is more expensive in Eruope, but there is also a strong social faux-pas about consuming gas in excess.
  15. this is true.:yes: