everything you wanted to know about straps but were afraid to ask

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  1. So, in the spirit of documentation threads, here is one that I think will prove to be helpful!
    Strap lengths of every bbag model! :wlae:
    here are the styles I can think of, please add any new ones or ones that escaped my poor mind. I used atelier naff as the source for the ones below.
    Also pics of each style being worn with the strap will really help!

    • flat brass first ??
    • first 18.5"
    • shoulder 12.5"
    • mini first 18"
    • mini twiggy 18"
    • twiggy 24.5"
    • box 26.5"
    • city 24.5"
    • part time 29"
    • old flat messenger 50"
    • current flat messenger ??
    • men's day 50"
    • besace ??
    • courrier adjustable 20-24"
    • flat brass first 24"
  2. I wish you had a "post" for a work strap! Thanks Danae!
  3. Thank you, danae! :smile: This is very helpful info for anyone who is considering getting a style they are not familiar with.
    (For example, me, whenever I decide to get out of my city rut!) :P
  4. Erica, thanks for the fbf measurement!

    I'll also be good to know which of these styles can be worn messenger style. Although it depend's on each person's frame...
    I am 5'7 and can wear my city messenger but it's not really comfortable. When I wear it with a boobie as a strap extension it works out ok though. :tup:

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  5. the handle length would be interesting too, although probably not that different on the different styles. I know people are alway curious whether they can carry the work more comfortably on their shoulder than their city the same way. I also think it's easier to carry a twiggy by the handles, they seem to be farther apart, leaving more room. Just an idea.
  6. Well the handles are a tricky thing to document... But we can try!

    The handles change a lot though. They stretch, and as the body of the bags becomes smooshier I find that even though I am not a small person I can wear the city's and twiggy's handles on the shoulder. I don't own a work but I think it's the same.
  7. danae, thank you so much for starting this very informative thread...
  8. Wonderful thread, my dear- thank you for your hard work! This is so useful:heart:
  9. GREAT :yahoo:!! That's perfect danae - thank you so much for the helpful informations :flowers::tup: ! You're the best :love:
  10. Awww my dears, stylefly and firstclass I've missed you!
    Stylefly, where have you been, dude? Not cheating on Bal I hope!!!
    And firstclass, we could use those gorgeous pics of yours in this thread! I hope it's not too much of a spin-off from the "wearing your bbags" thread! Just strap pics! haha! Bal s&m... ok someone stop me before I start blabbering nonsense! :shocked::heart:

  11. Oh sweet danae :wtf: I fear I can't help in this ?! The pictures 'wearing my bbags' only shows the whole bag on me, but not especially the 'straps' :nogood:- and I only have purses (without strap), 1 city and 2 days on my current collection - I'm so sorry :sad:
  12. The flat brass first 1st and 2nd season straps are 24" long, whereas the 3rd season strap is 27.5" long which goes across body messenger-style quite nicely.

    Here's a picture that shows what a few inches difference actually looks like, the 24" strap rests right under the bag and the 27.5" strap really hangs down:

  13. Does anyone know the Besace strap length? I've been thinking about this one. I didn't see the strap length on atelier.naff
  14. Realdeal, thanks for the fabulous pic and valuable info! I never knew about that difference!