Everything new and exiting Fendi

  1. I just bought a chef bag and theres more i want.
  2. As of right now I've only seen it with the calf hair exterior. I don't know if it will come with other exteriors. The price is 9300 .
  3. I also forgot to mention, the "2 jour" bags come with luggage tags as you can see on the picture. these tags are customizable by monograming your initials to it. for example A.G.D. hope this makes you love it even more.
  4. Is that a scarf in the one pic? Iwant that totte bag.
  5. Yea it's a scarf it's available in the brown show in the picture and black an pink. And the tote bag is great classic style.
  6. Thanks! I would love it but not huge fan of exterior... Oh well :p
  7. Newest addition to the FW collection water snake peekabo

  8. Limited edition peekaboo. only one in the country



  9. When I read 'only one' I was like OMG thats gonna be amazing but to be honest- not impressed at all :p
  10. It's absolutely stunning in person
  11. I want this.

  12. Thats one of the limited edition baguettes that are being released.
  13. There's only 1 available in the country. Let me know if I could help you locate it.
  14. Beautiful! I want them all! Hehe