Everything LV under $200?

  1. Hi girls my first thread. can anyone here give me every item in the website under 200 dollars? Excluding bandeaus. Thanks!
  2. Are you not able to view the website yourself? That's a lot of work for someone to go through it all and post the info for you.
  3. Canvas Cles. I think that's about it.

  4. Offhand I can think of: (all before tax)

    Key pouches (cles) 185
    Card holder 195
    4 key holder 195
    Luggage tags 60ish for small ones
    Pochette extender "key bolt holder" 160?
    Ring key chain 160

    There are a couple of other items (sunglass case for example) that are just over 200
  5. Yea.... lol, I was just coming back to post that I don't think there is much in that price range. I want to say there was another thread where someone did list the info but it was $400 or less I think.
  6. Wow, LVLoveAffair did find half dozen items. OP - i think that's it! :lolots:
  7. It's slim pickens for under 200 :smile:
  8. Cles, small bag charm with mini luggage tag (not sure on the name) I thinks it's around $185 or luggage tags are around $55, or 4 key holder, there is not much for $200 and under.
  9. Not sure if you guys noticed but the OP's account was deactivated..... ??
  10. No never noticed, thanks for the heads up.
  11. Lol, creepy...
  12. ^^ I agree:thinking:
  13. they realised lv's too expensive for them :lolots:
  14. Half the fun of being LV obsessive is getting all the little things like these to go with it! I love getting 5 small items all at once, so much fun
  15. Not sure if it is in the price range, but I love the monogram rope bracelet!