Everything is finally here!!!

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  1. A little over a month ago I discovered tPF. In that short amount of time, my love of Coach has gone from bad to worse...

    I used to be happy buying a bag a season, using it for three months and putting it away forever. Those days are long, long gone. Now I'd be happier buying a bag a day (who wouldn't, right?!). I have discovered the love of the hunt, the thrill of the win, and I've fallen madly in love with older pieces that I missed on the first go round.

    So, needless to say, you ladies have been bad for my bank account and I wouldn't have it any other way!!

    I have spent the last few weeks acquiring a small handful of things I admired...things I lusted after on my own...and things that I never even knew I wanted. I am excited to show you all what my time spent here has produced.

    So, lets start small....
  2. Im here!
  3. Wanna see...
  4. Oh yay! I'm here too!
  5. I bought a similar set for my MIL but couldn't stop thinking about the teal set at the outlet I left behind...the original wallet I wanted was gone, so I settled on a mini skinny...but I think it's perfect for travel and I LOVE the color!!

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  6. Really love that color - great finds!
  7. Yay...finally...show us the goods!!!
  8. Let's see more
  9. Keyfobs...I was never even attacted to them before tPF...now I hunt them like it's my job.

    Here is my

    Koi fish ( :love:)
    Geranium Sandal
    Hot Air Balloon

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  10. Nice FOBs
  11. Ohhh lucky girl! I have always wanted the Koi fob...
  12. Oh, how I love that Turtle Fob!
  13. Wristlets...I never would have thought...but now I do!!

    3D Lily Wristlet which came to me direct from Japan from the sweetest tPF member BurrBagLover. I cannot tell you how wonderful she is, and how thoughtful it was of her to pick this up for me--without knowing if I wanted it 100% since they can't return things in Japan. Needless to say, I love it and will think of her kindness each time I use it!! :hugs:

    My jewel wristlet was a V-Day from my Mom and Dad!

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  15. Super cute stuff!