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  1. Oops, never mind. I reset the thing and it's fine now. Sorry.
  2. LOL..If u press the home button and the top ON/OFF button at the same time..It should RESET the phone for u..Mine freezes all the time....
  3. i've heard nothing but bad things about the iphone, my sis has one and i haven't really talked to her since because it's always crashing, or messed up for one reason or another. she has had it about 3 mths and already had to get a replacement. a lady that works with my hubby just got one and said she never heard the negativity about it and thins it's a great phone....well then having to get a new one 3 times in 4 wks really changed her mind...
  4. Kara got one a couple of months ago and I've already had to reset it completely. In other words wipe it clean and reload everything.

    Never had to do that with my Tilt ;)
  5. My DH has had problems with his 3G but my Edge iPhone hasn't had any problems.
  6. My boyfriend had to get a replacement two weeks after we both got one. One hasn't had any problems, though.
  7. I have a regular phone, but several people that I talk to regularly have iPhones...and I can never tell what they're saying! Call quality is terrible, IMO. I'm a huge Apple fan (I have a MacBook Pro, an iMac, and an iPod Touch), but seriously, the iPhones seem to be toruble.
  8. Wierd...I have several friends who have Iphones and haven't had problems like these and keep telling me to get one because of the stable OS. I know there's a new app out that's supposed to help with the phone audio quality. My contract's up so I'm going to try one out. If it doesn't work out I'll try the bb bold....if that doesn't work, I'll just go back to my trusty palm treo.
  9. ^^
    Have you looked into the HTC phones? Who's your carrier?
  10. I have sprint, and actually I did look at the htcs. I waited an extra month for the htc touch pro (the upgrade from the htc diamond) since it has a face similar to an iphone, but with a slide out qwerty keyboard. I really thought that would be the one, and after trying it out, it was so hard to navigate and a pain to type things on. The keys were square and wedged together, which made it impossible and the touch screen keys were smaller too. I had to work so hard to move a few pages. The stylus helped, but not by much. The silver backing felt somewhat flimsey also, like the keyboard could break off or get stuck when pulling it out and pushing it back in. The idea was promising and I almost bought one sight unseen, but luckily I didn't. I'm not completely unhappy with treos and like touchscreens, but I'm just in the market for something different so a blackberry isn't out of the question either.
  11. That makes me really nervous. I was just at AT&T because my contract is up soon and I wanted to switch and I can't decide between an iphone or a blackberry and the sales associate convinced me to get an iphone but if it's going to give me a ton of problems I'm definitely reconsidering.
  12. Odd..most people I talk to love the Touch Pro.
    You had the Touchflo 3d loaded on your phone...yeah? I find it very finger friendly

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. Like anything there will be good and bad phones, it's just the way it goes

    I have an iPhone 3G that I got on the day of launch and have had zero problems.
  14. I've also had zero problems with my iphone and my husband has so no problems also. Like mooks said there will be a few problematic phones in the shipment of iphones but they are not all bad phones.
  15. Oh no!! I'm so sorry to hear of all the problems people are having with it :sad: I know a lot of people with the iPhone and I have one also, haven't had any problems. You have a warranty on it for a year and with AT&T there's this 30 day trial you can have incase you hate it.

    I love it... I would be unhappy if I had chosen any other phone similar to this. All phones will give you problems, it's this tiny thing in your hand... keep your receipt for anything!