Everything iPhone! Post your questions here!

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my iPhone... The best phone I have ever had.

    The things I wish it did....
    When reading emails I wish when you turned it sideways it would turn. Just like it does when reading the web.

    I wish there was some kind of blinking light or beep that would tell you you had either a text message or a voice mail. There is no way to know without turning on the phone.

    And of course copy and paste.
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  3. Yes, my son got the iphone a year ago and the screen cracked so now it's no good, even though we got the insurance. Someone at work told me it's almost impossible to break too. Every year we go thru the same thing, a broken phone. Maybe he just wants a new one?? We ended up breaking contract with the sidekick as that broke too
  4. Hmmmm, my tmobile contract is up on nov 14 so maybe i'll look into getting this. Looks like there are some OK deals to be had for these on eBay too, anybody had any experiences buying their iphone from eBay?
  5. Jill...THANK YOU!!! :biggrin:
  6. these are the two things I want too. the second especially, I'm so used to my old phone that would beep/vibrate at me once very 5 minutes if I had a text or missed call or voicemail. I go forever without noticing that I have them with my iphone.

    now this is stupid question... do any of you use one of the protective films on your phone? I put one on today and there is this little air bubble that is driving me crazy. the instructions specifically say that the air bubbles will go away with time but I'm really tempted to peel the damm thing off and put a new one on already... someone reassure me that the bubble might actually go away :p
  7. do you have something turned off? If my volume is on my phone will beep every now and then.
  8. ^^ I think you can set it up in the Settings ~ Sounds for the text/voicemail/other alerts.
    and yes, I too wish the email could be displayed like the web.

    Thanks, Jill, for starting this thread!!:heart:
  9. I just trimmed the protective cover it came with, there were a few bubbles in it but they have worked themselves out with use,
  10. I had T-Mobile for years and just bought the 3G iPhone last month after my contract expired. Personally I don't think you'll be much better off by trying to buy one on eBay (and the deals you're seeing are probably on the old iPhones). I think it's safer to go right to the Apple Store, AT&T or Best Buy. You get the brand new phone and they activate it for you on the spot. It's really no hassle.
  11. Just got a white Iphone - I bought it Unlocked from Ebay. Got it for $900 AUD. They retail for over $1200AUD here, if you dont get them on a contract.

    Just waiting for it to charge. Literally just got it a few hours ago..Im so excited!!

    My sister has one and she said there is this new game called Everest, she says its the best game ever - like a Wheres Wally type of thing. Download it, people!!
  12. OK here's a question here.

    How the heck do I get the photos off the iphone and onto my computer? I tried to email them and I couldn't do it by sending to my Hotmail account.
  13. Assuming you are a Windows user, have a look at this thread:

  14. Awesome tip, thanks!

  15. I just bought that a couple of days ago and it's soooo much fun! :tup: Really reminds me of the good old Wally (here in Germany he's called Walter, btw :p) times. It's made really nicely and has a whole lot of different pictures (it chases you over all the continents and even names a town that's only 50 miles from me)

    Btw, is anybody else using ZAggs Invisible Shield with their white iPhone?! I do and mine keeps turning yellow for some reason? :tdown::sad: I thought it was a defect since I preordered the shield and thus got one of the 1st batch, but I ordered a new one via their lifetime guarantee and the yellowing is starting again after only a couple of days. Rather weird?! I'm in a smokefree environment and never had any issues with the shield and my white iPods (I have a shield on a white iPod 4G for about 3 years now and that looks better than the one on my phone) I'm seriously considering getting some kind of cute colored silicone case to protect it as I'm so fed up with the yellowing at the moment and ZAGGs Customer Service is not really any help.