Everything iPhone! Post your questions here!

  1. Awesome enjoy!!
  2. Is bitesms free?? And if so what the difference between using that and my regular iMessage?
  3. Yes you can find a cracked one in cydia.
    Its the app I use for txting. I like it because I can postpone txt msgs:smile: to send at certain times/days
  4. Ok thanks! I'll into that one
  5. Do u know what app your cousin used to jb your phone ... Was it green pois0n??
    Another member is tryng to do hers and getting errors with another app.
  6. Are you having fun with the iphone ...
    I have been messing with mine today and changed a few things... added some new themes and fonts... check these out.
    image-2290469117.jpg image-1398179996.jpg
  7. Omg I've been searching for that font!! How do I get it????
  8. Downloaded it off the net... And moved it to my phone using ssh
  9. I also decided to round out my keys on my keyboard :smile:
  10. Omg you're like the queen of jailbreak! We need to be txt buddies!! Lol im such a noob at all these addons! Ok so I'm gonna search the web for that don't b/c I NEED to have it and I'm guessing SSH is something I can get off cydia?? Damn I think I need to have a cute keyboard too! Hahaha once I get my phone all cute I'll post pics
  11. Pm me your email that you use for imessage or phone # and i'll add you.
    Yes ssh is basically a program that opens up your phone on your computer. Do a search on youtube, so you can see how its done. Yes you download ssh on cydia.

    as for the keyboard, go into cydia and download "color keyboard" it will add a setting in your "settings" to change things... :smile:
  12. Can you please add me?
  13. pm me your email addy you use for imessage..
  14. a big thanks to this fab THREAD!! i've learned so much about my iPhone!! i love it and love how friendly members are!! :tpfrox:
  15. Can you tell me the name of the font? What program did you install it with Fontswap?