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  3. thanks jill!
  4. Im thinking about going to AT&T and getting the 3g, any thoughts on the 3g iphone?
  5. thanks jill, awesome!!!!
    robb01 - i have the 3g and i LOVE IT. i really do.
  6. We have 2 iphones in my house and r SO ATTACHED to them.i LOVE this phone like no other,BEST money I ever spent!
  7. I just got the new 3G 16Gb iPhone (in white!) a few weeks ago. I have to say I'm completely obsessed with it. I LOVE it. I'm not usually one to adopt technology early on so I'm glad I waited for this new version. And getting the 16 over the 8 was definitely worth the extra $100. No worries about storage.

    My switch to AT&T was painless, and not only that, but I actually get great reception in my apartment, which was not the case with my old Touch. I will never give up this phone!
  8. Both me and DH have the 16gb white iphone. It's AWESOME! We went and stood in line for 2 hours the 3rd day it came out. DH was with Verizon and hated AT&T, but he switched just because of the phone LOL
  9. I just got a 16GB white one recently too! I love it! But I did have a question. Is there any other way to get ringtones besides making your own through itunes? TIA!
  10. They have to sync to the iPhone via iTunes, but you can make them in any audio application you prefer. The application must save to a file format that iTunes can read, like aac or mp3.

    I used Garageband to make ringtones out of music I own. You have to keep the file at less than 0:40.
  11. Helpful hint: if you don't want to stand in line at your local Apple store, go to Best Buy. You can buy the phones there, they can connect your service to AT&T, and best of all: NO LINES.
  12. Yeah it's pretty cool! My advice is to get a case ASAP, unless you want to be super anal about keeping the phone in a safe place at all times, or you don't care about scratches. The back of the phone is a MAGNET for scratches. Kind of annoying that they choose to use a material that looks great for the first 20 seconds, but is absolutely impossible to keep clean and scratch-free.

    The AT&T store put on a case for me when I bought the phone, and even that scratched my phone :sad: :sad: (I got over it pretty quickly, but I was :cursing: for them messing up my BRAND NEW iPhone!)
  13. while i am in LOVE with the functions of the iphone... i agree that you have to be careful with them!
    i dropped my phone very lightly a few months ago, and now my sleep/wake button malfunctions... i googled it and looked on the forums and it seems to be a very common problem...
    also just last night i plugged in my iphone to my usb cable and it isnt charging!! it's not working when i plug it into my computer either!! i don't know what happened... it's not my usb cable that is the problem cause it's working with my nano and such... when i checked forums again, it is also a common occurence!! most people can get their iphone's replaced for free cause it's a hardware issue... unfortunately for me i got my in the states and unlocked it in canada... sigh...
    okay *rant over*
    all in all it is a great phone... if only it isn't so fragile =(