Everything else you are looking/waiting for that is Hermes!

  1. This is the thread to state anything that you are looking for/wanting that is Hermes. Any additional bags, jewelry, small accessories...ANYTHING. POst your wishes and waits right here.

    These threads should be fun and who knows...maybe help someone.
  2. I'm waiting for a 2-pin rose shocking GM agenda *crosses fingers really hard*

    And also a Ulysse MM in either Vermillion, Black, Etoupe or any color except BJ, Gold and vert anis.
  3. I am waiting for a herbag I WANT IT NOW!! hehe
  4. Furniture... Hermes leather sofa........ yummy!!!
  5. pyrexia...YUMMY!!! (rose shocking agenda)
  6. Am waiting for the Trophees de Venise special edition scarf from the Venice store.
  7. Rocabar GP tote and the H Horn Cuff!
  8. The wall st scarf... should be here any time now!
  9. Fall scarves - Jardin d'Hiver, Belles.... and a few 70cms. Perhaps one large Cashmere to replace the pashminas I have for the cold weather.

    All set on bags for the time being...........
  10. Waiting for: Confetti dangling ear-rings, sterling silver H cuff, BeBop clutch

    Searching for: violet chevre Karo Clutch
  11. Braise croc 25cm Kelly in Gold Hardware
    -or- depending on price: 25cm Braise Croc Birkin, gold hardware.
  12. E......this could be your Push-gift. Lemme talk to that DH of yours.......
  13. My Fall Podium order...can be in anytime now...or might take awhile (hope it comes in Sept/Oct during my bonus time!!) but....a 35cm rouge garance birkin...with gold hardware in clemance. Can't wait!!

    and....on my list after my red birkin 31cm clemance white bolide in mou and a 37cm bolide in black clemance mou too.

    ...and I am waiting on the Guepard scarf in chocolate.....Wall Street Scarf.....and the Vif Argent in Purple and the Chavel in hot pink.

    geez. long expensive list.

    I am basically on a Hermes ban until my red birkin comes...besides maybe 2 scarves
  14. DAMN!!! Keep us posted.
  15. I am waiting for a black 35 birkin with PH (not fussy about leather)...PM me if anyone sees one! ;)