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  1. Since there seems to be a lot of discussion about this color, I decided to post all of our "sample" pics thus far in one place so people who are debating over this color can compare. It is called blue-grey, but we have also seen it as a "light turquoise" or "deep ocean"...whatever that means. I am hoping for a deep blue-grey like the swatch, but I will be happy either way. Can't wait to receive my City!!!
    fw06swatches-1.jpg Blue India Bbagjpg.jpg My Bags 005.jpg bluegrey part time.jpg bluegrey.jpg
  2. Maybe it is like the ink? It just varies depending on the bag, the light, the style.

    Looks pretty.
  3. I am in love with this color. I think I pre-ordering the purse in this color, but have to check (its been since Jan.). I love the new red as well. :smile:
  4. That would be wonderful, Chigirl! Then we could have all three colors in one bag!
  5. ET - this was an inspired idea - thanks for doing it!

    And now that you've done it, you know what I notice? I was thinking it before, but now I'm really more sure. All of the pics of the part-time seem to be of the same exact bag!

    This doesn't surprise me. From what I understand (based on conversations with buyers for more than one store) - they produce one sample bag of each color (to take around to each retail location which orders from them) and that's how they place their orders. This one very well-traveled bag seems to have been photographed everywhere around the globe! If you look at the veining closely on the front of the pocket (to the left side, right under the zipper on that front "patch"), you can see that the veining is the same. It's hard to see unless you strain, since the pics and the lighting vary so much, but it's there.

    I'm sad that I've noticed this (and sadder that I care) - I need to stop obsessing.:smile:
  6. ^you're totally right though! wow. shows just how unphotgraphable balenciagas are!! looks like 3 bags, 3 different colors... but its not!

    totally amazing you noticed that! :flowers:
  7. I :love: this color!!! It's my favorite out of all the Fall 06 colors.
  8. I'm sooooo hoping it would be not as grey as the last pic!
  9. Me, too! Hopefully, it's just the lighting in that pic.
  10. The Aloha Rag folks described it to me as being more turquoise in color. I wonder what it really looks like??
  11. gosh... turquoise... now that would be very gorgeous! But for now I tend to lean towards balNY's pic for color - looks like they use pretty good lighting & photography... *sigh* can't wait to actually see it in person!!! This color intrigues me
  12. There seems to be so many variations in the colors - for instance, just recently I was at BNY and there was a Ink Weekender. When I first looked at it, it almost looked like the old Eggplant color ... it had a very distinct purple hue. Mind you, I had my Ink Shopper on my shoulder - so, I compared the two and 'lo and behold, my Ink looks like a dark Navy. I wonder if it's something that's unique to this "hue" (e.g., grey undertones/overtones)?
  13. Oh yeah ... I'm SO loving :heart: :heart: :heart: the Part-Time style!!!! It looks like it's the same height as the Work bag, but wider?!?!? The pictures that I've seen also seem to suggest that the handles are longer as well.

    I must say that I'm really liking the Fall colors - not usually a Brown fan, but the "Dark Brown" (Tobacco?) is really calling my name too. I was thinking about it last night ... so far, I like:

    1) Rouge Vif (although I have the 2005 Rouge) - I LOVE Red
    2) Grenat
    3) Blue India
    4) Tobacco

    Four bags ?!?!?! ... my husband would divorce me!!!
  14. Yea I had two bags on pre-order but I cancelled it. I want to wait until they come out and see all the new style's before I order. I love the blue india and love the part time. Most likely that is one I will get!
  15. You are so right on that one too. I have two Ink Cities: one is almost purple (very much like the Eggplant) and one is really just a dark navy. Got me so confused that I couldn't decide which to return so I kept both.

    I have a feeling that the Blue India will be the same.