Everything about Victoria II

  1. I´ve been pondering what bag should I go for after my ban and I´m very intrigued by the Victoria II since a) it´s a shoulder bag b) it´s very under the radar c) it´s got a casual flair which I usually do when going to work at 6 am.

    There´s this photo courtesy of Jag´s lovely SA:heart:
    Victoria II PM in gold clemence.JPG

    But I´d like to know more;

    What leathers, colours have you seen?
    Are there different sizes?
    Pics please!
  2. oh that is one cool bag... understated & very chic & useful.

    the vertical version of victoria FT sans zip...

    that should be in clemence...

    not sure what is available... sorry of not much help.
  3. You have been helpful, Gem!
  4. hey, i saw a gold one at LZ and a white one at opportunities....HTH
  5. Saw a grey one a few weeks ago at Wall Street. I would have preferred contrast stitching.
  6. Nola, I still remember the photo of you with the LV cerises bucket, and I think this would suit you wonderfully!

    I would love this bag if it had a zip.
  7. I saw it in parcharmin & cafe color at the H store today. It's just a tad heavy in my opinion but it's still OK overall.. lovely tote I would say. :smile:
  8. I tried on a gold one...It was comfortable on my shoulder, even on my coat. It has a large zipper pocket-big enough for a dogon wallet, keys and a mobile phone- .it is very understated and chic. Perfect for work or shopping...LZ have/Had? a beautiful chocolate/ebene? on they web couple of days ago for a great price!!!!
  9. Nola, I say go for it. :smile: I love the tote design, it's under the "OMG!You'reCarryingAHERMES!" radar, and it's beautiful. :smile:
  10. Merika-Thank you:flowers:

    Thank you all for your input! I went to Luxury-shops and the chocolate is lovely too, somehow it looks bigger than the above bag? Even though they are both PM or so is mentioned.

    Definitely starting to think this bag is the next one:yes:
  11. Does anyone know the price for this bag?
  12. I think the bag looks bigger because the top is sort of squished under the arm of the model and therefore looks wider.

    I can totally see you wearing this bag Nola!
  13. I also want this bag Nola
    I think is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've seen it in Denmark
    they have it in graphite?? (grey)
    They have both sizes
    the PM that is a shoulder and also a handheld and the GM that is only handheld
    The price for the pm was around 3000 USD if not a bit more...
    They also told me I could order it in other colors if I wanted
    I saw it in Barcelona aswell in Ebene again the pm size
    price in Barcelona was 2000 € exactly.
    this bag is again REALLY gorgeous and looks and feels very very strong.
  14. [​IMG]

    I love this bag too and would also like to learn more! :tup: Thanks for posting Nola, great thread!

    First off, is this gold?? Gold Togo or Clemence? It looks different to me than gold or am I not seeing it properly?! I am looking to get a Victoria FT or...maybe a II (now that I've seen how awesome & low-key it is!:graucho:)....in a neutral...and this looks pretty neutral to me. ;)

    Does this bag have feet???

    <<<< Hey! This bag perfectly matches my boots! Ha, ha! I am so anal about matching! :yahoo:

    Thanks all! :flowers:
    Victoria II.jpg
  15. I have a pm in chocolate clemence and I love it. Not as heavy as carrying my 32 HAC. Holds lots. Understated. Minimal care is required and yes, there are 4 feet.

    The colours I've seen are choc, gold, blue jean, orange, etoupe and vert anis.