* Everything about Ulysse - sizes, colors, leathers, inserts / refills ... :)

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  1. I've been looking for information about * Ulysse * and there are many threads with a little bit here and a little bit there... so I thought it'd be a good idea to have it all together and updated for 2009.
    Please share your info too and of course pics :yes:

    So let's start with SIZE, I believe there are three:

    TPM/Mini - 4" x 4.5"
    PM - 5.5" x 6.25"
    MM - 7.5" x 9"

    Now LEATHER, correct me pls if I'm wrong:
    - Togo
    - Veau Kenya
    - fabric: embossed felt

    COLORS, oh soooo many:
    - Black, Etoupe, Rouge G, Vermillion, Orange, Curry, Gold, Soleil, Jaune Fluo, Vert Anis, Vert Olive, BdP, Bleu Jean, Lagon, Rose Shocking, Rose Fluo, Raisin...?

    And finally INSERTS - definitely need your help with these... even SAs are confused :rolleyes:

    - white plain (with lined guide?)
    - alphabetical
    - H in the city
    - post-it notes
    - perpetual calendar (!!!)
    - ... ?

    - white plain with lined guide ($45)
    - white plain separated by colored into three parts
    - colored plain
    - white lined
    - photo album
    - travel
    - business cards
    - ... ?

    - white plain with lined guide ($55)
    - colored plain
    - alphabetical
    - ... ?

    And current PRICE of course (covers / covers with plain inserts):

    Mini - ? / ?
    PM - $185 / $230
    MM - $255 / $310

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    And pics for reference - PM and MM in Blue Jean

    credit to H.com



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  3. Hmmm... I just noticed... no Chocolate or Ebene...???
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    Here are mine Ulysse:



    Lagoon & Fuschia PM(This might not be the correct name of the pink as my SA told me it is a new pink came out in F/W 08) with white lined inserts

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  5. And I suspect not many of us saw the perpetual calendar inserts for the Mini :yahoo:
    (the SAs I asked didn't know about them...)
    Thank you the_kelly_1day :hugs:

  6. I believe Dou.Dou's is Rose Fluo? We need to get some pictures of the shopping inserts and post it notes.

    Great thread, I love my Ulysses. I have the TPM in orange with plain inserts that are separated with orange tabs and a Vert Anis PM with Travel Inserts.

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  7. dou.dou - Beautiful duo!!! Pink may be the Rose Fluo... :thinking:
    Thanks for the pics! The pom looks perfect too!
  8. rileygirl - Fabulous rainbow you've got there :tup:
    I agree, we need pics of all the refills here... including Travel Inserts :graucho:
  9. You always make useful and great threads! I can´t wait to see more pics in this thread.
  10. OMG I have a mini in blue jean togo with the blank pages on the inside & another insert that is the telephone & address one.I'm silly that I have 1 cover but 2 inserts(switch from time to time).I really have to ask about the perpetual calendar inserts,that would be so perfect for me!I hope they have one !
  11. The MM size also has white lined paper. I'm pretty sure it's new.
  12. It also costs $65.
  13. My SA mentioned that for the PM (or was it MM?) size, there was a new calendar insert. It shows the days of the week, but you have to fill in the date yourself. Nothing like the current calendar inserts for GM agendas.

    Also, at one of my local stores last week I saw the new shopping insert for PM. I believe it has tabs, and then a post-it slot at the back.

  14. business cards? travel?

    i thought these refills were just notebooks....:shrugs:
  15. In London on Saturday, the mini was £85 and the post-it insert £45, if that helps anyone.