Everything about patina

  1. I have been researching the concept of patina for a while.
    However, i am still quite unclear about this PHENOMENON...

    So what exactly should we looking at when comparing with and without patina???

    R they developed from box calf onlly or leather like chamonix will also have it??
  2. per the craftsman at the nyc boutique, box calf is the only one that develops the revered patina. i guess all leathers develop a patina, just like wood does, and it's just a technical term, the wear over time from use. it's just a matter of whether or not it's an attractive one or not. :nuts:
    i think the leather develops a sort of glow, a depth of color. you know, kind of like a mature woman's character :biggrin: if not her face. :sad:
    while that's all well and good for box calf to have this feature, it also cracks, over time (long long time, i mean 60 years or something). so i pass on the patina. :P

    just want to add, it's about the smooth surface, that's what allows for the patina to really develop. if you see an old piece of wood furniture that has been well-used/loved, it looks like it doesn't need to be polished to shine. it has a wear that warms the wood (vs. dry brittle wood, or flat stained wood).
  3. Thanks for the info HH! I'm clueless...
  4. Off the top of my head, Barenia is another Hermes leather that develops a rich patina over time. Great description, HiHeels!
  5. Also, the scratches help make up the patina and will blend in over time.
  6. Exactly! The first few scratches on a Box bag will kill you but really, over time they will seem to disappear and blend in, and voila, with regular use and care, a Box bag will acquire that distinctive patina! I know we're not supposed to use any kind of leather cleaner, but I've used Apple Leather Cleaner to polish up Box and it worked beautifully!
  7. I've read some people have used Musteala (I think that's the spelling) baby cream or something on the box which works well also...
  8. Yup shoes, I have a few friends who use Mustela, too.
  9. My box calf bag is like 12 years old and it has aged beautifully. There are a few scratches, but believe it or not you see more smears from your fingertips. The bag still looks brand new and it has not been in for service. I have said it before and I will say it again...my bag will outlive and look better than me. You can't go wrong with box, but it is hard to accept the first few tiny scratches. Once you get past that...all is well. I have used Mustela on my bag as well.
  10. Hiheels: Thanks for such clear explanation.

    Lucy:Thank u. I can understand the bariena because i guess it is similar to LA's nature leather which will gets a darker color after years. I have seen it on my bags as well.. My SA told me not to use anything on box calf. But i also heard Apple Leather Cleaner is really nice. So where can i buy this Apple Leather Cleaner ?

    Kellybag: U bag just sounds divine!!!!! So do u think Mustela work better than apple leather cleaner or not?
  11. ^leatherstuff.com stocks Apple leather products =)
    oh, are you guys referring to the cleaner, or the apple care conditioner? some ppl actually mean the latter, and have said the former is too harsh.. is that true?
  12. HiHeels, I love the way you describe patina!
  13. The only *cream* that Hermes recommend using on their H bags officially is John Lobb http://www.johnlobbltd.co.uk/main/main.htm
    (sorry ladies, not sure of the website for the US, but believe they have one) ... you can also buy a selvyt polishing cloth that has the Hermes name on it .... any polishing should be done in small, gentle circular movements and not backwards and forwards or big sweeping gestures (if you know what I mean):shame: its great for vintage bags as it gently replenishes them and helps stop cracking or glazing...

  14. Oh, cool. This is such good info. Thanks flossyfigaro. :biggrin:
  15. Flossy, so glad you are here to share your tips!