Everything 30% off at label360!

  1. Enter code "goshop30". Lots of nice bags there!
  2. I just noticed they have the new black with black basket weave RM Morning After! Now I'm seriously considering getting it even though I've been lusting after grey. What do I do? AHH!!!
  3. The bag is cute, but that price is yeowww, too high! (In comparison to RM's sample sale.) Im going to go hit up Nordies and find me a green MA, for $250-ish! Maybe Nordies has the black too? I can check for you!
  4. :rolleyes:
    I have the RM Morning After you're speaking of and love it! Although I didn't need ANOTHER black bag when I purchased it, I'm glad that I did.
  5. ITA!! Way too high! Were it me...I would wait as I'm sure another e-tailer will have it for a lower price very soon!

  6. BTW...thanks for the post! I'll have to look over the sale to see if there's any 'damage' I can do!
  7. Do you think the black with basket weave will be on sale soon? It's still pre-order on the RM site. Did they have any at the sample sale? Sorry for all the questions!
  8. I didn't buy anything from this most recent sample sale because of my having bought soooo many bags over the past two months. Mine is the larger bag and it was purchased when they had the previous sale (July or August ??). There are quite a few online stores that carry the RM so I can't imagine that you wouldn't be able to find it somewhere at a lower price. Are you looking to buy the mini or larger MA? Tomorrow, I will see if I can find one for you online.
  9. Thanks! You're such an enabler!:graucho: I'm probably going for the Mini. Probably wherever I can get a better deal!
  10. I've been searching for the past five minutes and although I've found numerous stores selling RM bags, none were at a better price. If you wait a couple of days, that may change. Delcina has their 'Deal of the week' on Monday and I keep hoping that they will choose a RM bag to discount. As far as the Label360 code expiring, I wouldn't worry about that. This summer I wrote to them, receiving a response from dkaitz who agreed to match Revolve's 30% discount. I kept the email, so I can't imagine why they wouldn't still honor it. I'll keep looking for you and if I find something, I'll PM you.
  11. actually, on label360, the black basket weave MA is $550, but with the 30% off discount code, it's $385 -- which is only TEN dollars more than the MA bags were going for during the RM sample sale! you'd only be paying an extra $10 and any shipping fees to get a bag that's pre-order only on RM's site! I'd say go for it!
  12. Well the black with basket weave on pre order on the RM website is the regular size morning after. The one on Label360 is listed as a mini, but the pics of the bag look like the same ones from the RM website. So either Lindsay has both, 360 put up the wrong pics/ they don't have pics, or they've accidentally listed the regular as a mini. I'm sure there's more possibilities, but that's all I've got for now. I actually think I've seen the MA mini in black with basketweave before, so it might just be that they've confused the mini with pics of Lindsay carrying the regular.
    Or maybe she has both and that makes me sad, because I have none. :crybaby: