Everyone's blood is going to rush.... Black first with pewter hardware open bid 550

  1. Pretty : )
  2. So the 04 bags have an all leather inner tag? No metal?

    It's gorgeous by the way. I love the new black bags but when I see one of these, drives me nuts cause it looks so cool.
  3. Erm, is it possible this is an 03??! 04 should have a silver tag. Anyway, it's gone - seller must have got an offer she couldn't refuse.
  4. hmmmmmmmmmm, i donno, but i was a little suspicious because of this e-mail the seller sent me today :shrugs:...is it possible to have gotten an '03 or '04 bag from a non-consignment store last year (?)

    "I bought this bag 1 year or maybe 1 and a half ago. Marios is the
    store with new stuff only, it is kind of like Barneys New York. It is
    practically one of two stores in Seattle, were we can buy stuff like
    this. In our Berkinstock wearing city,not a lot of people care about
  5. looks like it has ended early again. weird.
  6. I have seen 2003 Firsts....and they have a silver tag....
  7. the seller cancelled because the pictures were minimized.
  8. s/s 03 bags had a leather tag and have the longer shoulder strap (maybe ask for the measurement). I've never seen the longer strap with the shoulder protector, but they may have had them. I think Marios have sold bbags in the past but don't anymore. It could be ok if the strap checks out I'm surprised they'd still have a bag from 3 years ago two years later. Because they should still have her in their database as purchasing this bag, that's something you could ask her since you could only get free replacement tassels from the original retailer.
  9. my 02 or 03 suede first has a long shoulder strap with shoulder protector.....but surfer is right...if the original owner could get some sort of confirmation from the original store...that would be best.
  10. As far as I can recall, Mario's in Seattle never carried Balenciaga bags. Only Barney's does. Does anyone else from Seattle know if Mario's ever carried them?
  11. ^^ i think this whole thing is fishy :confused1:
  12. I just spoke to Erin at Mario's. She said as far as she can remember they only carried the Bal clothing line and not the bags. (They no longer carry the clothing)
  13. I agree. Anyway, I don't think my nerves could take another roller-coaster auction of an early Black First! :nuts: