Everyone's a little bit "quirky"...

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  1. Inspired by previous threads and an Avenue Q song...

    Everyone's a little bit "quirky"... What are your H-quirks?

    I must purchase bags directly from H (like it when they are in wrap, but not necessary)...
    I must be able to "try on" before bag purchase...
    Bag color and size must be "just right"...

    :shame: :shame: :shame:
  2. I need to ask 15.8 million questions on tPF before I can narrow down exactly what bag/leather/hardware I want. I usually end up wanting the combo I originally thought of.............I'm a dork.

    Oh, and I always wear a H fragrance to the store for "luck". Has worked very well so far!
  3. I more or less know what everything looks like so I'm very confident when buying from resellers but other than that most of my bags come directly from Madison ave's H empire!!!
  4. Baggs, And you're a damn fine song writer!
  5. I also have to buy directly from Hermes. I can never make up my mind and spend endless hours thinking hmmm this color? that color? :confused1:
  6. I always have one of my Hermes bags "out" and on display in the bedroom...but it has to be color coordinated with the bedding and flowers as well. I have too many Elle Decor stylist pretensions.

    My Hermes purchases have to be exclusively from Hermes Boutiques...

    I'm hesitant to take pictures of my Hermes Family because I'm afraid that I'll be identified through my handbags at the H store. No offense to anyone here or the Forum in general...I am just by nature a private person.

    Does everyone's SA's know they are tPFers?
  7. ^lord no. I'd just DIE if they knew I was on here!

    By the way, there are a few other members who prefer to keep their goodes under wraps - don't feel bad about it! I'm hesitant to post pics sometimes, too.
  9. I swear if they ever do, I'm outta here (or I'll change my ID)!!

  10. Thanks, I thought I was the only one who felt that way.
  11. Me too! :biggrin:
  12. My store does know vaguely about tPF but they indulge me all the same because I guess they figure it's cute how rabid I am about Hermes.

    Must have perfect hardware with plastic still on
    Must be Rouge Vif Chevre - just kidding
    Skin pattern must "agree" with me. If I don't like the pattern, I won't love the bag.
  13. EMNH and GF, may I ask why is it so bad if your H store found out if you were a member of tPF?!:nuts:

    And to answer the OP's question, I don't really have any quirks, but if I want something I have to have it NOW! That's why all of my H goodies so far have been purchased on eBay!:wlae:
  14. No way in he** will I tell my SA I'm on here. EMNH, that's the reason I don't post anything I buy unless it is to answer another member's question. Even when I get together with other people in the store I go back another day to go over major purchases. I'm just too private and don't want anyone blabbing about my purchases, because then I'll be ID'ed and my store is a by-the-books boutique. I would die if he found out who I was.

    Oh, no resellers for me. I could never bring that bag into the store. He would know and would probabaly be offended.
  15. Quirks? I think I have an extreme case of Hermes OCD. I have created my wishlist in Excel with the items listed by color family, then by hardward type (warm/cool), then by leather, then color *with the color-cell actually filled in brown/tan/red/etc so I can see how it all plays out*, then the bag type (birkin/kelly), then size, then comments.

    I review this/modify daily:rolleyes: . What a dork :shame: