Everyone with a zippy wallet! Need your help!

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  1. Zippy%20%28int%29.jpg
  2. I *think* that a checkbook would fit in there without its cover. Not sure though:sad:
  3. I'm the owner of that Framboise Zippy picture you took from the other thread! Anyways, I tried it out for you and a checkbook will indeed fit inside the wallet, but not in the more narrow middle slots. It will fit (and fits pretty well actually), in the bigger end slots (the ones against with the credit card slots).

    The Zippy is probably the best wallet I've ever bought...I absolutely :heart: it! It's so spacious and functional...and now we know it holds a checkbook too! :yes: Let us know if you end up getting it!
  4. Here are a couple more pics of my wallet. They're much clearer than the ones before:
    Zippy-int.jpg Zippy-ext.jpg
  5. Thanks for the pics! I bought the large zippy in epi and was wondering if a checkbook also fits the smaller size.