everyone... what is your favorite paddington size?

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  1. so.. i don't know much, but there are 3 regular paddington sizes right?

    small 11 inches
    medium 14.5 inches
    and large 17.5-18 inches

    is that correct?

    also what is satchel? i've been thinking it means small.. but i have seen a humongous and they also called large satchel paddington tote bag or something...

    i wanna get one.. but i don't have any reference in sizes at all.. soooo confused

    can someone please help me and post pictures so i can compare the sizes? maybe on you too.. btw.. i'm 5'3 i don't think big bag goes with me

    thank you sooooo much everyone :heart:
  2. I'm 5'3 and I have a medium satchel. I haven't seen the large or the small paddies, but the medium is considered the classic size.

    Satchel refers to the general shape and structure of the bag, not the size.
  3. oh.. thanks Mimi

    how small is the small really is? i can't really picture a 11inch long bag? would it be to small to even fit anything?

    do you have pictures of ur paddie on u?
  4. I just bought the large pocket paddington satchel and I LOVE her:yahoo:She is big and heavy, but I love big bags. She does not IMO look too big. I am 5'6 and it looks perfect. Because she is slouchy and soft and buttery:drool:...she does not look as big as her dimensions. I love her sooo much that I just purchased the medium pocket satchel in gold from NM. (on Sale!) Haven't received her yet, and I'm not quite sure if I will like the gold, but I thought I would give it a try. As soon as I get a little more savvy with posting pictures, I will show you my family.
  5. I have two medium satchels - they are the perfect size IMO. The thing about these bags is I think they look fabulous even without the padlock on (which means you can wear them forever!)

    Satchel doesnt mean small in this regard - its just the type of bag.
  6. I like my medium satchel, medium loaf, and small bowler, the large bowler is really big. Still need to get a front pocket!
  7. Medium. I have not purchased my first paddington yet. Still researching.
  8. Mini loaf!!! :wlae:

    This size holds a ton, plus the interior is completely secured by the top zipper. [​IMG]
  9. My favorite paddy is probably the small zippy east-west bowler. it holds a lot and can be worn on the shoulder easily.
    Any paddy that can be shoulder carried is a winner for me.:heart:
  10. then does anyone know how small the small paddy is? is it too small at all?
  11. Here's a pic of the small (baby) paddy on Ashlee Simpson:

    I think it's a great size if you don't carry a lot of stuff.
  12. I like the classic medium paddy. But really want to get my hands on a mini/baby paddy.
  13. I'm 5'8" so I like the larger paddingtons. I use the mediums mostly for evening when I don't carry a lot of stuff:smile: My favorite style of ALL TIME is probably the US Shopper from '06, (no longer made :crybaby:) and second runner up is the large (17x10) zippy bowler bag, (or some call it the east west bag). I have the black large classic paddy from '05 and that is a big paddy! (20x10!) But I love that one as well, since it doesn't LOOK that huge because it's so slouchy:smile: :tup:
  14. :heart: I like medium satchel the most, but I really like mini paddy as well! So cute~
  15. The original
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