Everyone wants the Batignolles!!!

  1. is it just me or does everyone seem to be gettin a new Batignolles??! i've just recently ordered the Batignolles Vertical :love: but i didn't know it was something trendy... just thought it was a rather classy looking every day bag:P.. Anyways, to better understand my new beloved pet, let's talk about it more, shall we...? :biggrin:
  2. I hate this place. You guys are making me want a batignolles. lol
  3. Ditto.. poisoning my mind !!!

    But I wouldn't have it any other way. :love::love::love::love:

    If only I had enough money to join the Louis Vuitton "B" bag club !
  4. Its a good everydag and the price point is pretty good as well :biggrin:
  5. ^^^ Completely agree!
  6. My wish list is expanding once again.. oops.. I can't see the end of the list!:shame:
  7. HEEHEE... it's a great bag isn't it...? but why is it on such high demand all of a sudden? *here on the purse forum, anyways*
    ayla & purselova: GET 1...!!!! =D no excuse! it's cheap(relatively) it's beautiful.. u use it everyday... for almost every occasion... formal and casual... HEEEE...
  8. I think everyone wants it because it's affordable. I know what you mean when I went to LV today everyone was looking at the Batignolles.
  9. is the batignolles a new line or something? :blink: wasn't aware that it was new...
  10. I just purchased one today! I love love love it. Its a great casual tote. I was sold after I tried it on. The most comfortable bag I have. I got the horizontal. I highly recommend it!
    Cant wait to go out tommorow and take my new baby for a walk :smile:

  11. yep they came out summer-ish of last year.
  12. Will it be part of the permanent line?
  13. The horizontal one is on my wish list!
  14. i think its so popular because it is practical, looks like it holds a LOT, its classic shape and canvas but still looks very up to date and appeals to a broad range of consumers, and its at the low to mid range of the LV price point. that said, i still haven't seen one in person (but there isn't much LV around here). it's not practical for me because it doesn't have a zip top (i knock my bags over and it drives me NUTS when stuff falls out)...and i am so sad, because it is soooo pretty. maybe a diaper bag some day. :smile:
  15. I'm buying the horizontal for my mom on her birthday! =)
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