everyone thinks the japan bag is fake!!!!!

  1. First of all dont ask me why I am up before 9 am on a Saturday, this must really be bothering me lol. Last night I went to the mall to pick up the new os for mac for my bf, and thought I'd go in to the coach store to show off my new bag. As soon as I walked in the SA ga e me this really funny look like I brought a monkey in the store or something. She must have been new b/c I had never seen her before but she came up to me and says ( in a tone of voice where you know she's trying to hint at something) "look at that bag I've never seen it before I wonder who sold it to you" I just looked at her like She was as dumb as a box of rocks and walked right out. And to top it off I as walking out of the mall and this really snotty I'm better then you teenager snickered behind me and said " wow she must not be able to afford a real one". What the heck guys!!!!!!!! Please tell me at least ONE of you has had this happen.
  2. Oh wow! I mean, it's understandable because the Coach SA's don't really keep on top of what the other countries sell. However, I think it's pretty easy to determine if something is fake or not...a real bag is unmistakably Coach!

    I've had other people (non-Coach SA's) think my bag was fake just because i'm young. It's frustrating.
  3. :wtf:I haven't taken mine out yet into the real world. I hope this isn't a common reaction... :sad: I'll report back tonight (plan on breaking it out).
  4. Why did you walk out?!?! I would have proceeded to make her feel stupid by telling her you are not surprised that she wasn't aware of this bag as it is a limited edition only sold in Japan. Making sure she realized that you are more knowledgeable than she on what is what in Coach and she should maybe try to keep up. I would have asked to show her on the drilldown the pic and of course acted shocked when she didn't know what the drilldown was. Whattabeotch.
  5. You have every right to be upset. I would contact Coach and complain about your experience. You can't change how another shopper reacts, but a Coach SA should know her stuff.
  6. I'm actually surprised that she would say that to you. As alatrop said- a real bag is unmistakable. I haven't even been into Coach for that long and I can spot the difference just by looking. Maybe I'm mean but I would have wanted to embarass her too. Does she know every bag from every past season that she has the nerve to say something like that?

    It's been my experience that lots of Coach SAs don't know that much about their product. But I guess it isn't a full time thing for all of them so you can't blame them really. I was in the store the other day and a woman was looking at the legacy bags and asking if they had one with two pockets on the front like a bag she had seen that her friend had. The SA kept saying no, no, no. Finally, I interrupted and said it was a style from last year. If this is just a part time job to that SA, she can't be expected to know everything-although it would be nice. :p
  7. How rude of her! I would have wanted to embarass her too :p Even if someone really DID walk into the Coach boutique w/ a fake bag, she has no right to pass judgment and drive that customer away! And sweetmelissa said is so true- even if you dont totally recognize the style, all you have to do is look at the craftsmanship to realize if the bag is real or not. Shes obviously not very good at her job!
  8. After I got my Med Scribble tote this spring I was asked by two different people if I got it at a "purse party." I politely advised them that I purchased it at the Coach Boutique and they shrugged...they just don't know their Coach. But OMG, at the Coach boutique?! I am astonished at the extreme differences in the level of brand knowledge between us here on tPF compared to the SAs in the store!
  9. I would tell her to call JAX with your item number and find out for herself it it's real or not. There is no way that bag looks fake. Fakes are obvious, the material doesn't even feel the same. She needed educated.
  10. Ditto to everything everybody else said! I hate when that happens :sad:
  11. that has happened to me also many people who IMO who have just discovered coahc at their local macys clearance rack are now acting liek they are authorities on bags .... when i bring out my signature stripe blue wistlet out of my bag many people look at me and are like oh that is fake they never made striep in blue but i am like um mine was the orignal ignture stripe that when i think about it now is a year old so um sorry but i have shopped coach before you and will CTD .. what bothers me also is when people try to down play coach like it is soem sort of nonexistent bag .... i had one person say that coach was a frivalous common waste and that people should only buy LV or hermes .....needless to say i am very much turned off to LV and will never purchase again most likley (althoguh i do own some pieces but i feel as though they r not a good everday throw around town bag ) .
  12. Wow! The nerve of that SA even approaching you like that.. I would've told her off right then and there and even give her a little insight of her lack of knowledge. That's just absurd! You should totally call in about her!
  13. Exactly, you should return with the bag and educate THEM! Try to seek out the SA who insulted you before, and have HER look up the style number & pics!

    I buy a lot of Limited Edition COACH bags, but I'm not into the Signature pieces, so most people don't even know the brand just by sight. If I do go into the COACH store with one I always get a nice reception. They know me and that I buy Ltd Eds, so they're always excited to see styles that never make it to local stores.

    I'm sure SAs have lots of responsibilities, but I have come across a select few who take the time to browse their product library/website to see what's new. This practice should be mandatory!

    Assert yourself, don't make the 'walk of shame', when they've got the wrong person!
  14. I too have a sig stripe blue tote and they turn their noses up to that too
  15. I think that was extremely rude of her to say such a thing. I'd open the bag, write down the style number for her, and tell her to check because it is a limited edition bag from Japan. Smile politely and then advise her that she should always choose sweet words when talking because she may have to eat them.