Everyone & their mamas? ... and me?

  1. This is great but also somewhat insulting....


    I just got a mailed PCE invite today, June 25th, 2007 and it says it expires June 30th, 2007. It says its for "[their] Summer Event Days". This is the same event that everyone has been taking about the past weeks right? Is everyone getting invited now or am I really * Coach* blessed? :confused1:

    I only have 'til Saturday to shop?
  2. Good for you, this is the current PCE that expires June 30th! Supposedly some of these were mailed late, better late than never! You can use it on all of the new merchandise, too! Get going!!!
  3. I got mine on Friday I believe. I was like uh okay..this is odd. Go get yourself some stuff, girlie!
  4. have fun shopping!!
  5. Yay for PCE!!
  6. Cool have fun shopping
  7. hope you get some good stuff
  8. Better late than never - no, not everyone got one, they just got some out pretty late this time around. Go shop!!!
  9. ITA.
    Go shop and then share your goodies =)
  10. shop, shop, shop!
  11. Consider yourself lucky - I haven't received a PCE EVER!!! URGH!
  12. That's great! You got 4 days girl get to it :yahoo:I expect a full damage report.
  13. Congrats! :yahoo:Have fun & post pics!